Pretty Hard Cases Preview: “Feathers”

[Warning: General spoilers ahead.]

Apologies for the bye week, y’all. The Texas winter storm took me offline for a few days but al is well. This week on a new Pretty Hard Cases. Sam and Duff take a different UC tactic in going after the Bowens while Sam is nervous about a potential promotion opportunity and Tiggy gets an opportunity to flex her position in taking over distribution.

The episode starts out light with Sam toasting a departing DS whose job she clearly wants and skews a bit darker as things go along. Duff rocks some serious swag going undercover to make a buy and when she goes off book with one of the Bowens, things go sideways. If we remember what she told Sam back in the second episode about grounding your UC story in reality, Duff has some tales to tell about her past.

Pretty Hard Cases

Sam proves her mettle in working a witness to turn things around, and she and Duff have a moment where Duff lets her guard down about why she gives Sam so much grief. We also see Duff trying to navigate the issues of loyalty and trust not just with Sam, but with the men in her life. And one of those men has an intriguing exchange with Sam about the complexities and confusion of dating via app.

Pretty Hard Cases

Tiggy tries to negotiate her power with the Bowens and then receives a tantalizing proposition that she’s able to spin to her benefit. And now that we’ve seen them both in the flesh, it’s a kick to realize that Dan Petronijevic is playing Randy and Stef — one menacing and violent and the other a borderline stoner who talks a big game but isn’t as actively aggro.

Pretty Hard Cases

David Wellington directs a script by Andrew De Angelis (Killjoys).

Pretty Hard Cases airs Wednesdays at 9 pm (9:30 NT)  on CBC and CBC Gem. Here’s a sneak peek. Our previous coverage is here. [Update: The entire first season is available in the US on September 10th, streaming free on IMDb TV.]

Photos and Video Courtesy of CBC.

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