Pretty Hard Cases Preview: “Crystal Ball”

[Warning: General spoilers ahead.]

Wednesday on the next new Pretty Hard Cases, things get a little muddy in Sam and Kelly’s personal lives while their case gains a little more clarity.

Pretty Hard Cases 209

Kelly’s on the eve of Karina’s baby shower, which she’s definitely not feeling in the wake of her breakup. Sam’s still avoiding an awkward conversation with Naz, and that gets more complicated when Steve’s thrown back into the mix.

Pretty Hard Cases 209

Courtesy of Zorka (Theresa Tova), a maybe-fake fortune teller, Sam and Kelly learn there was more to the French siblings than they knew, and they get nudged to resolve some lingering personal drama.

Pretty Hard Cases 209

They also reconnect with Edwina, who helps turn the case and opens up about how she’s really doing on leave. While Michaels is still hell-bent on his tech doing the policing, the rest of the team works on actual clues and suspects.

Pretty Hard Cases 209

We also see a new side of Swallows, who has an interesting reaction upon meeting Adeline. And Sam’s personal situation gets another layer of complexity when her advice to Judy to make new friends brings unwelcome visitors.

Pretty Hard Cases 209

John Stead directs a script by Jillian Locke & Maisie Jacobson.

Pretty Hard Cases airs Wednesday at 9 p.m. (9:30 p.m. NT) on CBC and CBC Gem. All our previous coverage is here.

Photos and Video Courtesy of CBC.

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