Pretty Hard Cases Preview: “Guns”

[Warning: General spoilers ahead.]

This week, on Pretty Hard Cases, Sam and Duff reconnect when they realize that even while pissed off at each other, they’re still the best option each has for a voice of reason and stabilizing force in their lives. It’s a week of testing boundaries as both women have to draw a line in the sand about some personal issues while they follow a lead from the church raid.

Pretty Hard Cases

On the chase for more guns after finding Roxy’s stash, they’re put onto an even bigger lead that veers into nauseating when they have to retrieve a valuable piece of intel in an unorthodox way.  Once they have that, they work together to follow the guns and the money.

Pretty Hard Cases

They’re in for a rude awakening when they breach a suspect’s house and find out he was prepared for company. And not in a good way. Cameron Pictures utility player Joel Thomas Hynes guest stars as a suspect who thinks he has the upper hand until the ladies show him otherwise.

Pretty Hard Cases

Tiggy has a moment of being a genuine Mom and gives some questionable advice to Jackie, who takes it and runs with it — straight to Elliott. Then they wind up at Randy’s and things get awkward, and exponentially weirder.

Jordan Canning directs a script by Jillian Locke.

Pretty Hard Cases

Pretty Hard Cases airs Wednesdays at 9 pm (9:30 NT)  on CBC and CBC Gem. Here’s a sneak peek. ICYMI, our previous coverage is here.


Photos and Video Courtesy of CBC

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