Motive Preview: The Dead Name

This week’s Motive marks the directorial debut of series star and Executive Producer, Kristin Lehman. “The Dead Name” focuses on the death of a pro footballer’s wife and the hidden secrets that surface after her murder.

Last week, when we spoke to Lehman about the episode, she called it “a really quiet, character-driven piece that was beautiful and nuanced and tragic.” That’s a completely accurate description of an episode about people doing terrible things with the best of intentions. It’s a poignant hour and Lehman puts her personal stamp on a show and characters she knows so well.

Guest stars include Sense8‘s Jamie Clayton, Kristine Cofsky, Nathan Mitchell (Arrow), and Giacomo Baessato (Wayward Pines).

Motive airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on CTV in Canada and 10/9c Sundays in the U.S. on USA Network.

Photos and Video Courtesy of CTV.

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