Mike Vogel on His New Military Drama ‘The Brave’

Fall TV always has a predominant trend. Last season time travel was the hot topic, but this year the focus is squarely on the military. Three different patriotic-themed dramas will premiere on broadcast television over the coming weeks: SEAL Team on CBS (Global TV in Canada), Valor on The CW, and The Brave on NBC (also on Global in Canada).

The Brave, premiering tonight on Global TV, follows an elite special forces unit as they execute missions in some of the most dangerous places around the world — rescuing hostages, taking on arms dealers and battling drug cartels.

Executive Produced by the team behind Homeland, created by veteran screenwriter Dean Georgaris and helmed by the co-creators of Covert Affairs, the series promises heart-pounding action, compelling moral dilemmas and plenty of drama.


At Global TV’s Upfront presentation back in June, series star Mike Vogel spoke about his passion for the project and what sets it apart from similarly themed series. He spent a couple of weeks in intense boot camp, training for the role, but he’s always been fascinated by the military. “Many of my closest friends and family members have come out of the special forces community. It’s always been a passion of mine. In no way do I equate myself with those heroes but I’ve had the privilege of running around training with them through a lot of my adult life” 

The Brave delves into an area of the armed services we’ve rarely seen on our screens, going behind the scenes in the ISA (Intelligence Support Activity), the most clandestine unity in the United States Military. “What excites me about this (project) is they’re constantly interfacing with all the intelligence services and special forces militaries from around the world. So it pulls the global community into this. They are much more in the vein of a Jason Bourne than a G.I. Joe”

The Brave breaks down stereotypes about men and women serving in military and Vogel relished the opportunity to explore a more nuanced performance as ground commander Adam Dalton. “There’s tendency to want to play tough, hard, snarling and all those things. When in actuality you meet these guys and you would walk past them on the street and have no idea that they could kill you eight (different) ways. They’re completely inconspicuous and lethal”. “Yes there’s Hulk Hogans out there on these units but there’s also the tiny bony dude who will whoop that dude’s ass. And you’d never see it coming.”

The producers were definitely aware of the potential pitfalls of an American military series in the current political climate, but Vogel believes there’s no finger-pointing at specific cultures or countries. The stories in the first season take the team across the globe — through Syria, Iran, Eastern Europe, Spain, South America, Mexico and Africa. The characters in the unit mirror the real ISA forces, with people from different religious and ethnic backgrounds offering new perspective and helping the team navigate international arenas.

For more details on Vogel’s role, check out a ‘Meet the Team’ feature on Adam Dalton and tune into The Brave at 10pm ET/PT on Global TV.


Photo and Video Courtesy of NBC

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