Lost Girl: When God Opens a Window

Before I get into the recap, I have to mention how excited I’ve been for this episode of Lost Girl. I was on set while they were filming this one – specifically that bombshell of a scene with Dyson and Mark at the Dal – and I couldn’t wait to see how it all turned out. So let’s take a look at “When God Opens a Window.”

Tamsin isn’t being the best business partner, and is distracted by a hottie while Bo is left alone to deal with some unruly Fae. Bo is mad when she finds Tamsin and her boytoy at the loft, but that’s quickly turned around when Tamsin offers to share.

The action moves to a young guy, Mark, getting on a bus, seemingly running away from something. He doesn’t have the fare, but convinces the driver to take his grandfather’s watch as payment. He spots a girl, starts talking to her, and it’s not too long before she’s killed, and he runs away.

Mark ends up at Bo’s place after finding a brochure for the PI firm. He’s not sure why he’s being followed, and thinks Bo may be able to help. He doesn’t have any money, but he offers him a watch just like the one he gave to the bus driver. (Is this some sleight of hand in action, or does he have a reserve of these watches?) Tamsin is hesitant to help, but Bo wants to, saying that there’s something familiar about him. While Bo and Tamsin argue about taking Mark’s case, he overhears them and leaves … but first, he steals a bunch of their stuff.

Bo and Tamsin catch up to Mark and go good cop/bad cop on his fleeing ass. He’s trying to get out of town, and as they search for what he stole, they find Kenzi’s sword, and several watches like the one he was trying to use as payment. As the girls continue their shakedown, Mark’s hunter catches up to him and Bo ends up with an arrow in the shoulder.

Tamsin removes the arrow and tends to the wound back at the loft. Although Tam helps Bo out with a bit of healing chi, the wound keeps reopening. Lauren walks in on the healing, and she’s the one that discovers that the arrow was made from some type of “Fae Kryptonite” in the form of a living mineral that re-splits the wound.

Once Bo’s wound is under control, she and Tamsin head to the Dal and find Mark trying to scam people out of money. Bo and Tam want an explanation as to why people are after him. A hunter has been trying to kill him since he was a boy. Also, he doesn’t know what he is since his mom died before she could tell him anything. He asks, “How come everywhere I go, I leave a body count?” Doesn’t that sound familiar? There are definitely some parallels between Mark and Bo. His instinct is to run, but he needs to trust Bo and Tamsin so they can figure out why there’s someone after him.

They take mark back to the loft, and Bo’s shoulder starts hurting again, so Mark kisses her. She’s caught off guard by it. He says he’s just doing it to help heal her, and as she goes in for another kiss, The Hunter bursts into the loft, but Lauren takes him down with a tranquilizer gun. They plan to take The Hunter to Lauren’s clinic, but Mark moves in to attack and Lauren takes him down as well. Bo questions The Hunter at the clinic and learns that shifters killed his wife and daughter, and Mark ripped off his ear.

When Mark wakes up, Bo wants answers, because she knows The Hunter was telling the truth. Mark admits to biting the guy’s ear off. He was six years old and his mom hid him under the bed, where he froze and watched as The Hunter killed his mom. Mark says he was running from Bo and Tamsin to keep them safe. Bo tells him he’s lost, and Mark confesses that he’s tired of everyone dying around him. This is a familiar story. Also, I have to note there is this crazy chemistry between Mark and Bo, and she is drawn to him despite her attempts to resist the attraction. Bo finally gives in, and when she wakes up after a little sexual healing with Mark, she finds that he’s gone to kill The Hunter.

Dyson and Vex: A Bromance in the Making?

Some thugs try to rob Trick, but a familiar face comes to his rescue — Vex! Trick brings Vex to Dyson’s gym, and Dyson is not happy to see the Mesmer. Trick tells Dyson to keep an eye on Vex, and Dyson tries to get out of it by saying Bo has his fealty, but Trick pulls the Acting Ash card. Trick thinks that Vex may be helpful to Dyson as he investigates the suspicious death of three humans.

It seems that Vex wants to help Dyson, but all Dyson can see is Massimo, and therefore Hale’s death. Dyson attempts to ditch Vex and goes to Lauren for help making a connection between the bodies, but Vex follows him. The boys have a pissing match and Lauren breaks it up.

The pieces start to fall into place for Dyson with Lauren and Vex’s help. The three bodies were sacrificed and branded, and include a cop (pig), a prison guard (bull), and a criminal (goat). It appears that a Fae cult may be up to no good. Is this somehow connected to the three bodies missing from the elevator crash?


Bo calls Dyson for help with her “client” who has gone after The Hunter at Lauren’s clinic. Dyson heads over, and we see that he’d been chasing down a lead in the triple murder case, and was just outside of an apartment that had Elizabeth (the elevator girl) inside! It’s a lavish apartment, and while Elizabeth tries to coax someone to make her a drink, we see the body of a man. He appears to be dead, but there are some odd sparks around his face.

Mark is at the clinic with a knife to The Hunter’s throat when Dyson stops him. Dyson tells Mark that he’s a shifter, and that The Hunter has been after their kind for centuries. Actually, The Hunter and Dyson have crossed paths before, and Dyson reminds him they don’t hunt Fae any more, especially shifters that haven’t shifted yet, like Mark. Mark still wants to kill The Hunter, but Dyson discourages him, saying that it won’t change anything, and the violence needs to end. Dyson lets The Hunter go, and then hugs a distraught Mark.

Back at the Dal, Mark is sitting at one end of a table and Dyson is at the other, mirroring each other’s actions as they eat steak. Bo notices and starts to say “He’s your …” and Dyson finishes off the sentence “ … son.” OMFG!!! Dyson confesses that he smelled it at the clinic, and Bo now knows why Mark was so familiar. (And things just got uber weird!) Mark didn’t know who his father was until that moment, and he’s kinda pissed off that Dyson never came for him. Mark’s mom, Piper, never told Dyson she was pregnant. Mark is ready to run again, but Dyson tells his son he can stop running.

The Hunter still isn’t satisfied and comes for Dyson. Dyson offers his life in exchange for The Hunter sparing Mark’s life, but The Hunter says he’ll gladly kill Dyson, and then enjoy killing Mark, too. Dyson had a feeling it would come to this, and Vex emerges from the shadows and freezes The Hunter. Dyson says he won’t let another murderer go free and ends The Hunter’s life.

We wrap at the gym, where Bo finds Dyson drinking and looking at a photo of Mark’s mother, Piper. He had heard that she died, but he really didn’t know she had a child. As Bo starts to say this is a second chance for Dyson and his son, Dyson says he wants to be alone. He thanks Bo for looking out for Mark, and adds that Mark could use a “big sis” (and I laughed because we know that there isn’t anything sisterly about what Bo and Mark have already done). When Bo leaves, Dyson looks at the photos of the victims in, and notices that the brands fit into a pattern. He leaves them in that pattern and after he walks away, they spark, much like the body that Elizabeth had in the apartment earlier on!

Tea Time with Lauren and Evony

Lauren goes to visit Evony at a palatial estate. Since becoming human, Evony has married a rich old man while Lauren works on a serum to make Evony Fae again. And I’m pleased to say that I was correct in my speculation that Evony had something to do with Lauren’s medical clinic! Evony has paid for everything so that Lauren can find a serum to reverse Evony’s Faelessness. To me, it looks like Lauren is stalling a bit. I would stall, too, especially if I had that much control over Evony. They have a spot of tea and Evony writes a big fat cheque for a more advanced security system after Lauren’s assistant was killed.

Later in the episode, Evony visits Lauren at the clinic in the middle of a mood swing. Evony’s husband has decided that her storage space needs to become a man cave, so she needs somewhere to keep a few items. The item to be concerned about is some rare Fae creature in a case that Evony mentions could lead to disaster if it escaped.

Fae-vourite Quotes:

Lauren (to Evony’s butler, in a bad English accent): “If you don’t mind me saying Mr. Bates, the leg is looking much better.”

Tamsin: “And the Oscar goes to …”
Lauren: “12 Years a Babe”

Vex: “Do you think mummies care about how they’re portrayed in cartoons. You know, all mumbling and moaning like morons.”

Tamsin (to Bo): “How was your talk, Demi?”

Thoughts and Questions:

  • What on earth is the creature that Evony brought to the clinic? Is it connected to this alleged Fae cult, or perhaps Bo’s dad?
  • Speaking of dads, it seems that daddy issues abound now this season, not only for Bo, but now for Mark as well.
  • In some Twitter speculation with some fellow Faenatics this week, we are worried for Lauren’s safety once she makes Evony Fae again (if that eventually happens). There was some talk of Lauren possibly creating something that could make her Fae — even temporarily — when an extra advantage is needed. I was thinking that perhaps Lauren can come up with something that makes Evony Fae, but only temporarily, so she has to rely on Lauren to keep dosing her.

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