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It’s been an interesting and sometimes confusing path for Lost Girl this season, and while I think that this week’s episode was far more intriguing and satisfying than “Destiny’s Child,” something still feels off to me – mainly with Bo’s behaviour and being uncertain about Rainer’s identity – but I’m hopeful that this is intentional. So let’s dive right into “Waves!”

Bo and Rainer’s Interdimensional Love Story
We start with Bo looking in a mirror, washing blood off of her face. We hear the voices in her head, arguing, saying words like “it had to be done” and “they didn’t give us a choice.”

Bo is at her loft with Rainer – he’s in a towel, she’s in a robe. She wonders allowed if “it was a mistake.” She wants to trust Rainer. He is adjusting as well since he never thought he’d be on this physical plane again. Bo is still struggling to figure out why she did the impossible; she not only chose a side, she went with the one she’d be least likely to choose. Bo’s memories and feelings are back from her time on the train, but now that she’s back in her world, she really needs to understand how everything fits together. Rainer tells her that everyone needs time to adjust – her, him, and most of all, her family and friends.

We go back to when Bo first arrived on the train, and her first encounter with Rainer. He doesn’t know why she’s there, and he doesn’t seem to be the one responsible for her being there. He later asks her if she’s a Succubus, and wants to know what the Dark Fae are dining on these days, which she of course corrects him that she’s unaligned. Bo tries to learn more about him and his powers but he says memory is not his strength and says it is part of his curse. She refers to him as the Wanderer, to which he replies, “Call me Rainer.”

Rainer eventually reveals to Bo that his power was foresight in battle. He was able to see his opponents’ attacks before they happened. He tried to bring an end to the wars between Light and Dark, with Fae fighting against each other rather than alongside each other. He mentions some leading with tyrannical rules, and when Bo prods for more information, he gets agitated, says he can’t remember, and apologizes to her.

In Bo’s exploration of the train, she comes across a butterfly under a glass dome. She remembers something from her childhood, uncovers the butterfly, and it appears that she brings it to life. Rainer sees this and asks her what she did. She starts to say something about when she was seven, and he interrupts her with, “It is … you.” And then they nearly kiss. He keeps encouraging her to get off the train at the next stop. Although she hesitates, she briefly leaves the car and Rainer is all ragey again, but she quickly returns and they kiss. Bo is undeniably drawn to him, but she’s not sure why and questions, “What am I doing?”

So obviously, Bo and Rainer knock boots and in a post-shag convo, Rainer mentions how time is different on the train. He seems to be aware of what’s going on outside of the train, and tells her that Kenzi and Dyson are close to finding the compass. When they do, they’ll remember Bo, and Bo will forget all about him. They are setting all of the clues in place so that when Bo returns home, she’ll find her way back to Rainer. He mentions a singer that performed for them. You may remember her as Yanka from “Of All the Gin Joints.” Hugin the Crow is another. And the ultimate clue that Bo is certain will drive her to find Rainer – a contract with the Dark Fae with him as her witness. Rainer initially refuses because it betrays Bo’s identity as the unaligned Succubus, but she convinces him that her pledge won’t stick. She’s only doing it so she’ll find her way back to him, and when they are reunited, she’ll destroy the contract and help him restore both his memory and his power. He asks, “”What if I’m a monster? What then?” and she answers, “Then I’ll kill you myself.” It is at this point that they both end up with the glowy hand marks on each other’s chests.

Mermaids Want to Maim Us
Since Bo has locked her friends out of her journey to figure out WTF is going on, Kenzi decides to take on a new case and enlists the help of Dyson and Lauren. Diana, a Pixie, has lost her legs after taking a dip in the swimming pool at her office and has hired Kenzi to help figure out why it happened. The woman works for a tech firm that is about to launch something big, and she suspects her “accident” is somehow connected to the head of the company, a man named Darren.

Dyson and Kenzi go undercover at Alaria Technologies, but instead of the corporate sharks they were expecting, they learn that mermaids are at work here – and they are dangerous! Kenzi tries to spy on Darren but is stonewalled by his assistant, who also happens to be missing his legs. He tells Kenzi that Darren saved his life, and now it’s his job to protect Darren.

Kenzi goes exploring via air vent and ends up in a room with limbs in tanks of water. Enter Darren, who is able to make people choke on water even on dry land. Darren is a Merman, and they are taking legs to use for themselves!

Lauren is also undercover at Alaria and ends up as mermaid bait. She enters the pool and sure enough, one of the finned folk goes for the legs but is stun gunned by Dyson, who was in wait nearby.

They interrogate the Mermaid, Dominique, who is begging for legs. She needs to be able to walk so she can join her brother, Darren. Apparently, Mermaids have something similar to the Amish Rumspringa, except in their version, they get to leave the sea and walk on land. Darren decided to make having legs a permanent thing, leaving his little sis behind. She was the one who took Diana’s legs, but not because she wanted them for herself, but because Diana is also her sister, and abandoned her for a two-legged life as Darren had!

Dominque has her sights set on Kenzi’s legs, but Dyson and Lauren come to the rescue. Ever wondered how to defeat limb-stealing Mermaids? Two words: TAP WATER. Lauren saves the day by hosing down the triple Ds (Darren, Diana and Dominique – get your minds out of the gutter. Oh wait, this is Lost Girl. Please feel free to resume your lusty thoughts). As they clean up the Mer-mess, they realize they still haven’t heard from Bo.

Arrivederci, Una Mens
We haven’t seen the Una Mens for a while, but close to the end of the episode, we enter a chamber to see them chanting about peace and order when in walks Bo, followed by Rainer. The Keeper, or as I prefer to call her, Arabella, informs Bo that she has once again broken their laws. The Wanderer is not intended for their physical plane – that is his curse – to which Bo replies that breaking curses is kind of her thing. Rainer throws a Wanderer card at Arabella and she makes it go up in flames, but it seems that Rainer’s powers have been restored. He can see that they are in danger, and Arabella declares that this is too much power for a “rebel.”

Bo is accused of blasphemy and the Una Mens sentence her to watching everyone close to her die – Kenzi, Lauren, Dyson and Hale – before they end her life as well. Bo tried to suck the chi from the Una Mens unsuccessfully in the past, but combined with Rainer, the Una Mens have a legitimate threat on their hands. The slaughter commences. Arabella is crawling away from Bo and Rainer, and utters a warning: if Bo follows Rainer, she will suffer a fate worse than her worst nightmare, a fate worse than that of her mother, she will be dragged to Acala and damned “like the spawn of evil” that she is. With that, Bo ends The Keeper. See ya never, Una Mens! It wasn’t nice knowing you! And now we know why Bo was bloody at the start of the episode.

The final chapter has Trick walking into Bo’s loft and begging his granddaughter not to slay the Una Mens although Rainer will ask her to. Trick warns that the power of the Una Mens will be amassed into a single remaining “seed” that was stolen from Trick. He asks for her word, and although she doesn’t say it, we know it’s already too late.

We end with a shot of the “seed” and can see the power of the slain Una Mens downloading into it, and a bloody, bandaged hand reaches for it. Uh oh!

Fae-vourite Lines:

Dyson: How about Kenzi and I take the field. I’ve been training her.
Kenzi: As a shadow thief. Check your panties.
Lauren: You have got to stop doing that.
Dyson: I did not teach you to do that.

Random Thoughts:

  • Who does the hand belong to? My first thought was Aoife. Having that kind of power could be dangerous for someone who has gone mad. But then I was thinking about it, and it may very well belong to Acacia. You remember Tamsin’s associate from last season, right? We know she lost a hand, and we also know that Linda Hamilton returned for an unknown and yet to be aired episode this season.
  • When Rainer was playing mournful tunes on an organ and Bo asked him to play something more cheerful … “The Final Countdown” was the perfect choice on so many levels!
  • Does Mermaid culture have anything else in common with the Amish?

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2 thoughts on “Lost Girl: Waves

  1. The hand reaching for the seed is THE REAL BO. She was trapped in the card at the end of last season and when the card burnt, she got burnt. Kenzi stole the seed and it is at thier crib… Where the disembodied (or very tiny) Bo is.

    The Bo we have seen all season is Rainer’s “creation” … His daughter if you will. A Fea clone of Bo.

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