Lost Girl: Turn to Stone

Reunions. Confessions. Rachel Skarsten’s return. Answers about Lauren’s past. And most importantly – THE SUCCUBUS HAS CHOSEN A SIDE! Let’s take a look at some of the highlights from this episode of Lost Girl, “Turn to Stone.”

What the Fae? BO IS DARK?!?
Since day one, the heart of this show has been Bo’s refusal to declare allegiance to Dark or Light Fae, but it turns out it wasn’t her choice after all.

I’ve noticed something different about Bo since her return. She’s more aggressive, almost primal, and her attitude is very flip toward any type of authority, especially the Una Mens. The wards set up to protect the loft are set off when Bo tries to enter. Kenzi dismisses it as her own error in setting it up but it’s raising alarm bells for me, especially since the same type of wards are triggered at Lauren’s apartment later on.

Then there are the creepy gargoyles that kept stalking Bo, one of which eventually bites her at Lauren’s place. Bo thinks this is Massimo the Druid’s work, but learns that gargoyles work for elder Fae. At the end of the episode, Bo goes to the Una Mens. They’re not accustomed to unsummoned visitors stopping by, and in Bo’s big “eff you I won’t do what you tell me” moment, they say they have no interest in her. They are looking for the Unaligned Succubus, and that is not Bo. The blood drawn from the gargoyle bite has revealed that BO IS DARK!!!

Bo and Kenzi – reunited and it mostly feels good
Yes, the sisters from different misters are back together. Being stuck at the loft is boring and they head out for a girls’ night at The Dal. The place isn’t exactly hopping when they arrive thanks to the sombre influence of the Una Mens, but a dance party erupts when Bo avoids Kenzi’s questions about The Wanderer. The patrons get on their feet, taking off their shirts and dancing up a storm. In a Spice Girls-fueled moment, Kenzi shows Bo her Spark power and Bo is surprisingly cool with it.

Kenzi is still in deep with Massimo and when his goons pick her up, Bo rescues her bestie. In the first of many confessions, Kenzi tells Bo that she wants to be Fae and owes Massimo a lot of money for the Spark cream. Claimed humans are being taken by the Una Mens, but Kenzi’s actions aren’t all about self-preservation. Bo confronts Massimo about Kenzi’s debt and he says it will be forgiven if they bring him an herb that’s growing on the wall of Lauren’s apartment. Massimo also tells Bo that he doesn’t know who was behind her abduction – he was only hired to deliver her.

Kenzi’s next confession to Bo involves the flirtation with Dyson while their memories were wiped and Bo was missing. Kenzi feels guilty about the kiss, and then admits that she not only wants to kiss Hale, she may love/like the Siren! Bo doesn’t seem upset with Kenzi at that moment, but later on, she’s miffed. Bo says that she never imagined her bestie would betray her like everyone else. Bo’s unhappiness with Kenzi doesn’t last long. Bo later tells Dyson that she’s not mad at him and Kenzi. They are family and she’ll stick with them through thick and thin.

Karen Beattie: Eco-Terrorist
After last episode’s roadside abduction, Lauren and Crystal are being held captive in an old basement. A male voice comes from a speaker and asks Lauren if he should be calling her “Karen.” And thus we are regaled with the “Ballad of Karen Beattie.” In Lauren’s previous life, she was an eco-terrorist alongside her brother, blowing up pipelines. She was an activist that was trying to make a statement but became a mass murderer when a pipe bomb she created killed 11 people in a location that was supposed to be empty. She’s been on the run ever since. The voice – I’m going to call him Charlie, as in “Charlie’s Angels” – tells her to look under a tarp in the cell and what do you know? It’s lab equipment with vials of blood. Some Fae Elders need Lauren to come up with an answer within the hour, or Crystal dies.

While Lauren works, Crystal confesses that she slept with Lauren because “they” told her to, but after it happened, it was something more. Lauren refers to it as being “spybanged” – familiar territory since this is what Lauren did to Bo. Lauren makes her diagnosis, calls Light Fae Shenanigans, and accuses Hale of being behind it all. She doesn’t know that the Siren is no longer Ash. In a wickedawesome move, Lauren has broken free of her shackles thanks to some lockpicking lessons from Kenzi, and when the door to her prison opens, she’s surprised by who’s behind it. Dun dun dun!

Tamsin: My So Called Last Life
Tam is almost 2 weeks old and growing up quickly! She doesn’t remember much from her previous incarnation, particularly who she was working for. In an adorable turn, she’s obsessed with The X-Files, and while Bo and Kenzi are out partying at the Dal and the loft is invaded, Tamsin calls out: “Kenzi? Bo? Mulder? Scully?” The robbery also triggers her next growth spurt and voila – Rachel Skarsten is back!

Massimo later shows up for Tamsin, and she doesn’t recognize him. He ties her up, tells her she’s a monster and that it’s only a matter of time before she becomes a killer. Before she was reborn, she tried to kill Bo, and Massimo was the one who helped her. He tries to steal Tamsin’s hair and she reacts in an unexpected way – she grows FREAKIN’ WINGS and says she is the harbinger of death. It’s Bo who comes to Tamsin’s rescue and is able to talk her out of scary face. Bo says she never hated Tamsin, and actually thought Tam was incredible. They hug and Tamsin concludes that this is what love feels like. In all of this, Massimo also informs Bo that it’s Tamsin’s last life if she sprouted wings. Yikes!

Is There a Future for Doccubus?
Bo finds the wanted poster at Lauren’s place and concludes that she never really knew her former love. Bo ends up finding a gift in a drawer with a note from Lauren: “For giving me the freedom to love. And I do.” It’s a necklace, and it was meant for Bo!

Arrivederci Massimo!
So it turns out that Massimo’s not Fae; he’s just a human that found a way to capitalize on the needs of the Fae. Bo threatens Massimo not to go near Tamsin or Kenzi again and when he argues that Kenzi is “just human,” Bo corrects him and says, “No, she’s family.” Among the items that his ninja goons stole from Bo and Kenzi’s loft was Kenzi’s brush, the same one Kenzi was brushing Tam’s hair with. Massimo needed Tamsin’s hair for his mama (not sure why) so Bo drops the locks into a pit of fire … and Massimo jumps in! Don’t let the flery door hit you on the way out, Druid. Although Bo’s words suggest she’s distressed by Massimo’s demise, the look on her face is definitely one of satisfaction.

Kenzi and Dyson
With Bo’s forgiveness over the Kenzi and Dyson’s flirtation, it appears that they are heading back to big bro/little sis territory. Kenzi tells Dyson that she still wants to be Fae since there’s a war on claimed humans and so she can protect herself and her friends. Dyson tells her that she doesn’t have to be Fae to be one of them. Apparently there’s a way to be more, and he can teach her. He also admits that he’s lost Lauren.

Fae-vourite lines:

Dyson: You know if you want to unwind later, we could – uh … (both look at Tamsin)
Bo: … go shopping.
Dyson: Go … shopping. Yeah.
Bo: Well, if you’re good, you can go in all the stores.
Dyson: Well if you’re good, I’ll max out all your credit cards. Twice.
Tamsin: Can I come?

Massimo (To Tamsin): You’ve been playing house with the Ambiguously Fae duo.

Massimo: She just got her wings. Know what that means?
Bo: Monthly cramps? Bloating?

Random Thoughts:

  • How is it that blood indicates Dark or Light Fae? Are there some type of Fae midichlorians?
  • Lauren’s letting her badass shine through and I really like it.
  • Who does the voice belong to from Lauren and Crystal’s prison? Crazy idea – Lauren/Karen’s brother, and he’s somehow connected to the Fae?
  • Can we start a bedtime story service where Dyson turns our day’s activities into the sweetest little fairy tale?
  • Where is this hedonistic boxing gym? With workouts like the one Bo and Dyson had, membership sales would probably go up. Talk about creative use of a turnbuckle!

What did you think of “Turn to Stone?” Sound off in with your thoughts and theories in the comments below!

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2 thoughts on “Lost Girl: Turn to Stone

  1. Thanks for the great review! I saw that you just moved, so a) thanks for still doing the review in the first place (moving is majorly urgh!), and b) good luck at your new place.

    Boy, was that episode crazy! I feel like I’ve been saying that about each episode this season. Season Four is quite the ride!! I will allow myself to just list my random thoughts/questions in the same order as you tackle the issues here:
    – I was thrown off by “We ARE searching for the Unaligned Succubus.” Wouldn’t that be past tense now that they’ve seen Bo? Is there another? Aife? Would she de-/re-align herself, possibly after her fight with Daddy?
    – I’m confused by Bo’s conflicting/quickly changing emotions about Kenzi kissing Dyson. What is that about? Basically, my question is: How does Bo see Dyson currently?
    – The voice in the Crystal/Lauren cave sounds a lot like Trick! Especially his first “Hello.” Also the camera angle when the door opens suggests a short-ish person.
    – I looooove the continuity about Lauren and pipe bombs!
    – Yay for Rachel Skarsten’s return. And I do believe that with her wings, she will be fully grown and back to her usual snarky self next episode.
    – The necklace. A) not sure if it was actually for Bo, even though that makes total sense since it’s been a while since Nadia. B) Might it be the Ash’s slave necklace? A weird gift but telling since Bo’s ripped it off Lauren’s neck in Season One…
    – With Massimo revealed as a human, I’m thinking that he might be Lauren’s brother and the Morrigan their Mom. He has the megalomaniac vision that Lauren/Karen seems to have shared before.
    – Can a Fae parent have human babies? Is Lauren a Squib? Is the Morrigan not naturally Fae? Did Massimo give his Mom Fae powers? Why didn’t he make himself Fae? Did the Morrigan become Fae after having Lauren and Massimo?
    – How about the “Way” that Dyson tells Kenzi about at the end of the episode? Does that have to do with anything?

    Wow! I kinda have to stop myself here but there’s more questions popping up in my mind as I type. AH!

  2. Thanks for the awesome review!

    @Jo – In the first season they said something about fae only having fae children if the other parent is also fae. So I guess if one parent is human and one is fae, then the children are human as well?

    Was also confused by Bo’s anger with Kenzi. She’s sort of bitchy this season. Dyson and Bo haven’t dated in three years, and it was only one kiss, and as Kenzi revealed, she really only wants to kiss Hale. IDK, Bo is weird so far.

    I’m so excited that Rachel Skarsten is back, though as much as I love the innocent Tamsin, I want the snarky and broken Tamsin back.

    Also, is Lauren like super human or something? Man. She has a medical degree or PhD. Has worked in Afghanistan as a medic, the Congo as a researcher, has been a terrorist on the run, and worked for the fae for 4 or 5 years prior to the start of the show. But she does not look much older than early thirties. I want her magical anti-aging serum, or her time machine!

    I also loved the shopping euphemism scene, too funny! And Bo is dark! This is big. And exciting.

    Can’t wait to see where the writers go next!

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