Lost Girl: Sleeping Beauty School

After last week’s exposition-heavy season premiere of Lost Girl, “Sleeping Beauty School” is less frenzied, but there are some interesting developments.

Dyson’s ritual of returning to the scene of his and Tamsin’s car crash finally pays off when he finds a feral looking little girl with blonde hair rustling around in the bushes. My immediate thought: “Is this Tamsin reborn?” Sure enough, it’s TamTam – in the form of a precocious, knife throwing kid with a short attention span and a penchant for mischief. She doesn’t remember everything but mentions Bo’s father. Since Valkyries deal in souls and see so much death, they often repress bad memories, so Tamsin may know where Bo is, but something’s keeping her from remembering.

Trick survived his reunion with Aoife and is on a mission to find Bo. To locate Bo, he needs the compass that restored their memories, and lucky for him, Kenzi swiped it from Engelram. The compass tells Trick that Bo is no longer on their physical plane. They need the help of a “Tracker” – Endemian – who can traverse the different planes. The Tracker hasn’t been seen for a while so Dyson and Hale start chasing leads.

The Una Mens are conducting “interviews” (read: torture), and they have Vex. They want to know what he did with the Morrigan’s body. Vex confesses that not only is Evony alive, she’s escaped. The Una Mens speak of Vex’s family and say he should join them in death, at which point we learn that Vex is the LAST MESMER! They’re about to put a creepy looking mask on Vex which I assume will either kill him or keep him captive, and in a moment of self-preservation, Vex says if they spare him, he’ll bring them Bo. Speaking of the creepy masks, there are several hanging up nearby with titles underneath, including “Human Terrorist” (Kenzi), “Human Doctor” (Lauren), and “Unaligned Succubus” (Bo). Not sure about you, but these order keeping sadists frighten the heck out of me! Vex is released after the Una Mens put some weird-looking creature down his throat.

If you were bummed by a lack of Lauren in the season premiere, there’s a lot more of the good doc this week. She’s still a redhead, working at the diner, and going by “Amber.” We meet her boss, Crystal, played by the amazing Ali Liebert, and as thrilled as I am to see Liebert on Lost Girl, I’m immediately suspicious. Is she a friend? A spy? A potential love interest?

The search for Endemian brings Dyson and Hale to Selene’s, a salon owned by Endemian’s ex-girlfriend. While Dyson uses his animal magnetism to gain some intel, Hale searches the salon’s computer – and surprise! Cleo (Mia Kirshner) is back among the Fae! Cleo tells Hale that someone named Astrid can help, writes something in Hindi on his hand, and POOF she’s gone.

Astrid is some type of mouthless Fae, and from Hale’s reaction, she’s revered. According to Astrid, what Cleo wrote on Hale’s hand isn’t about Eddie, it’s Cleo requesting a memory wipe. Astrid doesn’t like Selene and her minions, and gives Dyson a vial containing “one kiss” to help with the search. Astrid also touches Hale’s forehead, in the area of the third eye, and tells him to go to the one he loves.

The ladies at Selene’s are in the middle of a sexy party when Dyson and Hale return. Cleo tells them they shouldn’t have come back because it’s feeding time, but whatever Astrid did to Hale is making him very attractive to the ladies. The distraction allows Dyson to look around for Eddie. He finds the Tracker fast asleep in a secret room with Selene. Dyson demands that Selene wake Eddie up, and Selene provocatively asks Dyson to make her do it, demanding a kiss as payment. Dyson connects the dots – the vial that Astrid gave him contains that kiss! Dyson uses it on Selene and tells her to kiss Eddie, which wakes the Tracker up, and Dyson asks Eddie to help him find Bo.

This episode has more than just a glimpse of Bo. She wakes up in a fancy bedroom and rises from the bed to find the room is not only moving, it’s on a train! I don’t think this is the Hogwarts Express. Bo is later trying to escape when a maid enters and warns Bo that she will “awaken him.” Bo channels her inner Succubus and asks the maid who “he” is. The rail car shakes violently and there’s a loud roar. The maid makes an interesting remark: “Beautiful eyes both brown and blue. You are the one.” Is she referring to Bo’s unaligned status, or is there a deeper meaning to these words?

TamTam’s a handful for her faeby-sitter, Kenzi, and fires one question after another. Does Kenzi have a boyfriend? Is Dyson her boyfriend? Who is Hale and is he cute? What is a condom? The brat finds Kenzi’s spark cream and dumps it down the toilet, causing a Kenzi meltdown that upsets our teeny Valkyrie. Kenzi distracts Tam with a sparkly show and suggests baking cookies. Tamsin finds the Wanderer card and it catches fire when she picks it up! Kenzi extinguishes the flames and they notice “MMXV” on the card along with the two figures. Tam asks a question that’s been on my mind: is Bo stuck in the card? Kid, you may be on to something!

Lauren comes across what looks like an artist’s rendering of Bo on the cover of a newspaper. Has this been planted to draw Lauren out of hiding? Crystal knows that something’s not right with “Amber” but is clearly attracted to the clumsy waitress. Crystal is miffed when “Amber” declines an invitation for a drink, but quickly gets over it when a customer that was perving on “Amber” starts choking. The Heimlich Maneuver fails and the Doc cuts his throat open and removes a creature. Is this similar to what the Una Mens put in Vex? Oh, and the worst part … Crystal captured it all on her phone! Lauren later phones Dyson and learns that it’s still not safe to return home. Lauren’s on her own, but according to Dyson, she’s “smart and resourceful.” She tries to use her smarts to erase the video from Crystal’s phone after a few drinks but is caught in the act. Lauren explains that bad people after her and they can’t see the video, so Crystal deletes it. (It looks like she deleted it, but I don’t think we’ve seen the end of this.) The ladies hug, and Lauren tells Crystal her real name.

Eddie wants to know about Bo before looking for her and Dyson gives an impassioned speech, revealing his true feelings. Hale is moved and finally nudged toward professing his love to Kenzi. Hale arrives at the loft, flowers in hand, and tells Kenzi he wants to be with her. And that’s when they finally kiss! Caught up in the moment, Kenzi clears the counter and while there is chemistry between them, Astrid’s Fae-romones are still at work. They don’t get far – a sleeping Tamsin wakes up in a teenager’s body!

Eddie and Dyson find a “dimensional shift” on a train track, and Dyson senses that they are being followed. Sure enough, Cleo’s on their trail. There’s a machine that can open the door to another dimension and as Eddie tries to make it work, Cleo knocks him over, saying the dimension can’t be opened without a ticket. Dyson and Cleo fight and Cleo says that she’s actually Eddie. She’s an Elemental that steals identities, and Eddie is just a shell. Eddie doesn’t believe it and while singing a ballad of his greatness, he’s hit by a train. Something clicks for Dyson and he tells Cleo that he may know of a ticket for the crazy train. Next one leaves at 8:15, which brings us back to The Wanderer card. Remember MMXV? That’s 2015, or 8:15! This must be the ticket! Dyson returns to the tracks with Cleo and puts the card into the ticket machine’s slot.

Cleo receives a call, and it’s Vex. He wants to strike deal to bring Bo to him “alive and in one piece.” Cleo agrees and I’m worried, since Vex has promised Bo to the Una Mens. Cleo averts Dyson’s question about the call and says he has her blood oath that she’ll find Bo. They stand on the tracks and as the train approaches, Cleo remarks that it’s a “death train” and nearly bolts. They stand in its path and disappear as it approaches. Meanwhile, on the train, Bo has taken just enough chi from the maid to gain strength and attempts an escape. She opens a door and the episode ends with her leap into darkness.

Fae-vourite Lines:

Lauren: “I think that guy just slapped my butt with his eyes.”

Hale: “I had several fantasies that started just like this.”
(The salon ladies move in on Hale wielding sharp objects and talon-like nails.)
Dyson: “So, this fantasy of yours, were all the girls carrying pokey things?”
Hale: “Nope. There was only one pokey thing. And it was mine.”

Lusty Elemental 1: “He smells like cupcakes.”
Lusty Elemental 2: “Fresh laundry.”
Lusty Elemental 3: “And John Hamm.”

Random Thoughts:

  • The Una Mens just seem to get creepier and creepier. What is it that they want with Bo? Is Vex a double agent?
  • If Tamsin already went from child to teen, can we presume she’ll be an adult next week and Rachel Skarsten will be back?
  • What is Tamsin’s connection to Bo’s father? Is she an employee? A relative? One thing’s been on my mind since Season Three: since Tamsin is a Valkyrie, is Bo’s father is a Norse deity?
  • Is the growling/roaring we heard around the train Bo’s daddy? I so, will we meet him sooner rather than later? Or is her captor someone else entirely?
  • How is a “death train” different from other inter-dimensional trains?

What did you think of this week’s episode? Weigh in with your thoughts, theories and predictions below!

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2 thoughts on “Lost Girl: Sleeping Beauty School

  1. I don’t think the fae in the diner is related to the Una Mens. I don’t think Lauren is knowledgable about how the Una Mens work yet she knew exactly what kind of fae that guy was so she knew to dig for a second mouth in order to retrieve whatever he was choking on. But he might be who rats her out later. The Una Mens are very inquisition-y.

  2. This is the second time Kenzi has avoided Hale’s Talk. First time he tried to say something she used the renewed memories of Bo as an excuse and she sidestepped the flowers this time. I think she already knows Hale has feelings for her and, given her two sided reaction to the lust perfume, she doesn’t return them. I think she loves Dyson and, given her rant to little TamTam, didn’t expect the return of their memories to break her heart.

    Here is hoping that through out the season Dyson gets a clue. After all, without his memories of Bo, he kissed her and was attracted to her when all he saw was her back and didn’t realize it was her. Hale even said she was his type.

    Yes, Wolves mate for life but there has got to be a workaround. Given the lifespan difference between Human and Fae, and even the Dark/Light rivalry, they must have had some spell to free the wolf shifter to love again, just in case s/he fell in love by accident with the wrong person.

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