It’s the Lost Girl Season 2 Promo!

While at the movies the other night, I was surprised and thrilled to see a Lost Girl Season 2 promo on the big screen! I saw it the next day on Showcase, and now, you can watch it right here!

The promo is very cryptic, with Bo cranking the handle of what looks like a jack in the box covered in runes and symbols. We don’t see what emerges when it opens except for a glowing light, but I got a bit of a Pandora’s Box vibe from it.

What are your thoughts on the promo, and what it foretells about Bo and Season 2?

Lost Girl returns to Showcase on September 4th.

4 thoughts on “It’s the Lost Girl Season 2 Promo!

  1. It looks like she’s not in control of herself – almost puppetlike. It’s a very freaky promo and I can’t wait to see what happens. I’m such a Lost Girl fan!

  2. Woo hoo! It’s interesting to me that she’s dressed in white, which she never wore in S1, and sitting in a white room.

  3. The box looks more like the puzzle box from Hellraiser. All white and candles lighting up could it signify a lean towards the light side? Just so long as she keeps it down and dirty with Dyson xxx

  4. Well she look nice in white, kind ok creepy all white in orient means dead, hope see Dr. Hotpants, they look so cool as couple, also with Dyson, let see whith one she choose, well I suppose no one. as she said, at first. Also hope she find herself

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