Lost Girl S4 Countdown: Rick Howland at NYCC 2013

Our Lost Girl Season 4 countdown party is in full swing leading up to tomorrow night’s premiere!

Time for another first at TheTelevixen.com – this clip from the Lost Girl press room at New York Comic Con 2013 features Rick Howland. In it, he discusses his character, Trick, and reflects on Trick’s journey so far on the series.

Some highlights before watching the full video below:

  • Rick told us that Trick’s romance with Stella is off to the side despite the fact that he left with her at the end of Season 3.
  • We are going to see more of Trick outside of the Dal this season, and Rick shared that he spent more days on location shoots.
  • He told us that he is still surprised at what he learns about Trick’s past, and one of the great things about playing a character like Trick is the enormous life that the writers have access to.
  • Rick was very coy as to whether or not Trick knows who Bo’s father is.
  • He did know that Trick was related to Bo in some way from the beginning. There were about 13 more episodes from when he found out he was Bo’s grandfather before the audience found out. Oh, and Anna still occasionally calls him “gramps!”
  • At the end of every read through, even four seasons in, the cast is still excited. There’s a sense of family throughout the entire production team, and Rick said that many of the people on the crew have been there from the beginning.
  • Rick would be happy to play Trick for another decade, and even retire from acting as Trick. It is such a multifaceted character and there’s so much room to play that Rick doesn’t see himself getting bored. Trick is the “gift role.”


Season 4 of Lost Girl starts tomorrow at 10pm ET/PT – only on Showcase!

Photo and Video by Melissa Girimonte. Copyright © 2013 TheTelevixen.com

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