Lost Girl S4 Countdown: Anna Silk at FanExpo 2013

We are less than two hours away from the Lost Girl Season 4 premiere here on the East Coast, so grab a drink and join our countdown party!

Our final Lost Girl clip features none other than Anna Silk, the woman behind our beloved Succubus! From their press room at FanExpo 2013, Anna teases Season 4 and chats about how the series has changed her life. Watch the full video below, and get ready to watch the Season 4 Premiere, “In Memoriam,” at its new time, 10pm ET/PT, only on Showcase!

But first, here are some highlights from our chat:

  • We will see Bo explore her dark side further, and Anna shared that it’s an integral part of Bo’s history and her future.
  • Anna was elusive about what we may or may not learn about her daddy, but they will delve further into Bo’s backstory.
  • When asked if the audience will know Bo’s whereabouts before the other characters do, Anna said that viewers will see the story unfold at the same time the characters do for the most part.
  • Anna told us to take everything that we think we know about the series and “turn it upside down.” Season 4 is picking up the pieces from their  group having come apart, and resolving the cliffhangers from Season 3. She also added that everyone is back in a “big way.”
  • Bo has always struggled with Fae politics and not aligning herself with either side. Anna said that this is definitely explored even more in Season 4.


Photo and Video by Melissa Girimonte. Copyright © 2013 TheTelevixen.com

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