Lost Girl S4 Countdown: Paul Amos at NYCC 2013

With only a few days remaining, the Lost Girl countdown party continues until Sunday’s Season 4 premiere!

In a first at TheTelevixen.com, this clip from the Lost Girl press room at New York Comic Con last month features Paul Amos. We are in for a lot of Vex this season, and I couldn’t be more excited!

Be sure to watch the full video below, but first, some highlights:

  • The series, and Vex, are back in a big way. Paul said that the season premiere is going to “blow everyone away.” He also added that S4 starts off wacky and descends into “an absolute pit of burning despair.” (UH-OH!)
  • We are finally going to learn a lot more about Vex in Season 4. Paul shared that they start to strip layers away from Vex, and viewers are going to learn about his backstory and what shaped the character.
  • He teased that the affinity that he has for Kenzi and Bo’s “humanity” is connected to his past.
  • Season 4 is going to be less “Fae of the week” and more overall story progression.
  • There is a threat on the horizon for both Dark and Light Fae, namely the Una Mens (who we’ve already learned a bit about in the webisodes).
  • Vex has always been a fan fave, but the time hasn’t been right until this upcoming season for the character to be explored in depth. Paul told us that viewers will find out why they have a love / hate relationship with Vex.


Season 4 of Lost Girl starts this Sunday evening in its new timeslot, 10pm ET/PT – only on Showcase!

Photo and Video by Melissa Girimonte. Copyright © 2013 TheTelevixen.com

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