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This season of Lost Girl is nearly over *tear* and they’ve definitely put us Faenatics through the emotional ringer. Only one more episode remains after this one and I predict a payoff of epic proportions! Let’s get right into this because I have feelings. I have A LOT OF FEELINGS, and they need to be verbalized.

It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye
The episode begins at a memorial for our dearly departed siren, and Dyson is delivering a eulogy for his friend. It still doesn’t feel quite real that Hale is gone, but I’m also slightly distracted that at such a solemn occasion, Dyson does not refer to Hale by his birth name, William Haley François Santiago of Clan Zamora. The devastation and sadness on Kenzi’s face quickly brings me back into the moment, and I feel for her. I also fear for the future of her friendship with Bo, because I know Kenzi is not happy that her Succu-bestie wasn’t able to save her almost fiancé. Kenzi holding Hale’s fedora tugged at my heart.

I know that in her grief, Kenzi is placing a lot of blame on Bo, but when it comes right down to it, Kenzi is more responsible for the death of Hale than Bo is. Kenzi was the one who so desperately wanted power so she could feel less like a human who didn’t fit into this world, and it was because of her shady dealings with Massimo that Hale is dead. Bo might have been able to bring Hale back to life, but I’m going to be so bold as to say it kinda wasn’t her fault that Hale was killed in the first place.

Close to the end of the episode, Kenzi is reading Fae history and sees that everyone except for her has a place in this story. Bo briefly returns, and Kenzi asks Bo to unclaim her. Bo resists but Kenzi insists, so Bo releases Kenzi.

Lauren Lewis – Super Spy!
At the end of the third season, I recall a conversation with friends in which I mentioned that I thought Lauren was underused, and that we had yet to see her full potential. I really wanted to see her kick ass and take names in the fourth season. The powers that be must have heard me, because I’ve loved Lauren’s more active role this season. She’s a brilliant and crafty woman who has proven just how far she’s willing to go to help the people she loves. Yes, she hasn’t been in every single episode of the fourth season, but she’s finally been given a chance to shine, especially in “Origin.”

First, she’s poring through the Dark Archives for info on Rainer, and as he is written back into the book, she ends up with ink on her hands. According to this tome, he is a demon beast that will be unbound after a thousand years to betray the Fae. The illustration is not a flattering one at all – Rainer looks nothing like Kyle Schmid in it!

Her research is interrupted by a conversation in a corridor below. Evony is discussing the current situation with someone, and says everything would be so much easier if the Succubus was dead. Turns out Evony is chatting with Trick, and he’s quick to defend his granddaughter, and Evony revels in Trick’s weaknesses when it comes to family, but the leaders of Dark and Light Fae appear to have put their differences aside to work against Rainer.

Lauren takes the books and some other items from the archives and heads to Bo where she not only tells Bo that they need to talk, she helps decipher that the 2015 is actually cartography coordinates. Lauren drops a few truth bombs on Bo, the biggest of which is that Lauren stayed with the Dark Fae to learn more about what was going on, i.e. to help Bo. Everything Lauren has done has been for Bo, but Bo is not easily swayed. The Succubus reminds her former paramour: “I chose you, and you broke my heart.” Ouch.

We also learn what Lauren was up to in “Of All the Gin Joints.” Remember that skin like film she removed from her lips after kissing Evony? It seems that she synthesized a way to make the leader of the Dark Fae a lowly sweating human, and it goes down in spectacular fashion (dirty pun totally intended). Over at Evony’s place, Lauren is waiting in bed wearing a spectacularly sexy nightie and holding two glasses of champagne, and declares she wants to officially join the Dark Fae. Lauren says the Dark have given her freedom and that it’s the first time she’s felt like herself, and that pillow talk leads to some lusty fun. At one point, Lauren emerges from beneath the sheets and Evony’s satisfied glow quickly fades when she starts feeling stuff she can’t explain. Lauren lets Evony know that the once mighty Morrigan is now just a human. To top it all off, Lauren administered the serum on her little trip to downtown Evony. Holy badass! And just to be certain of the transformation, Lauren tests some of Evony’s blood using some fun smartphone technology. There really IS an app for everything!

My Father’s a Fire-Breathing Horse?
Bo and Kenzi’s heart to heart at the memorial is interrupted when a knight shows up from the “Order of Raina” and pledges her fealty to Bo, referring to Bo as “her queen.” She tells Bo that with the death of the Una Mens, the “Perapice” will rise, and he is looking for Bo. Now, this isn’t the first time we’ve heard “Perapice.” I had to revisit a scene in the previous episode, “End of a Line,” specifically the inebriated conversation between Trick and Vex. When Trick is telling Vex about Rainer, he says that Rainer was defiant and not just evil like the Garuda or the Perapice (Pyrippus?!?). You may recall that Vex very quickly said that a throwdown with Godzilla is more likely than an encounter with the Perapice. You may also recall that the picture of the Perapice in Trick’s book is a winged, fire-breathing horse monster.

When Rainer arrives, he is happy to see the soldier and he introduces her as Rosette, one of his best soldiers. He seems to be remembering a lot more, but there’s one detail that is revealed – there is a second curse on him, a failsafe that was built in if the first curse – being relegated to the train and written out of history – was broken. Seven days after he rises, he will die unless the union between him and Bo is finalized.

As they try to find clues, they are led to the Wanderer Tarot card, and MMXV appears when Bo burns the bottom of it. Although they think it’s a time again, 8:15, that’s when Lauren arrives with her intel on it being coordinates. Lauren also shares some of what she learned in the Dark Fae archives, which also seems to insinuate that Bo is “the queen.”

The coordinates take them to some horse priestesses. The woman who greets them makes a fuss over Bo, and basically tells her that the Perapice is Bo’s daddy. Bo recalls that in her Dawning, she saw a horse in a room where her father was holding her as a baby, and that she was haunted by visions of a carousel.

Hale has also left a clue behind – the Zamoran Family Code has gone to Dyson, and Tamsin knows a thing or two about it, especially the crest on the back of it. Back in her battlefield Valkyrie days, Tamsin was a bit of an expert on family crests, and she determines that this one belongs to the “Order of the Knights of Raina,” and symbolizes loyalty to the queen. There’s a queen bee at the top of it, and they pretty much conclude that Bo is not only the queen being referred to, but she is THE ONE.

Bo, Rainer and Rosette return to the horsey women for answers and are not welcomed with open arms. They don’t want Bo to find something potentially powerful. Bo finds a compartment in one of the horse statues and says a rhyme that lifts the saddle. In it is a braid. Maybe it’s made of horse hair? Meanwhile, Rosette is fighting with the same priestess that they met on their first visit, and Rosette stabs her. As the priestess falls, she says “the handfasting cannot be.” Bo’s been down the handfasting thing before (remember Ryan the Loki?) and she wonders aloud if she’s supposed to marry Rainer.

Bo and Rosette later meet with Rainer by a fire in a wooded area, and Bo says that she’ll join with Rainer if it will save his life. Bo is firm that this is not about love – it’s about what is right for her family. She is supposed to join with Rainer to fight for the Fae. Rosette performs the handfasting and says some words in Latin, then starts laughing like a madwoman. Rosette has played them. The prophecy has been written, and this union will release her “dark lord” from Hel, the mirror of Valhalla. Rosette was working with who I’m going to assume is Per Apice, and has betrayed both Rainer and Bo. The dark lord doesn’t appear, but Rosette is drawn into the fire and burns up as Bo and Rainer’s glowy hand marks burn on their chests. A tomb bursts open inside the temple and something has been released. Does this mean that a Fae-mily reunion is coming up?

Mommy Issues
Massimo is like a bad rash that just won’t go away. And it appears that he has the Una Mens seed. I guess I was wrong about the hand I saw before, but I really, really wanted it to be Aoife.

Understandably, Kenzi wants Massimo dead for taking Hale from her. Bo and Dyson go with Kenz to Massimo but plans of vengeance are put on hold after Massimo whispers something into Dyson’s ear. Instead, they are taking the Druid to Trick, and Kenzi is not pleased.

Kenzi seeks help from Vex, hoping their friendship is more than just makeup and fashion tips, and Vex takes her to Massimo. The tables turn very quickly when the alliance between Vex and Massimo is revealed to Kenzi.

Vex tries to persuade Massimo to escape with him to England, but Massimo refuses to go. Their story gets really interesting when Vex says that he tried to do everything to raise Massimo the right way. Massimo’s mommy didn’t want him and Vex has taken care of him since he was a wee one. Vex kinda throws this into Massimo’s face and basically says, “No wonder your mother didn’t want you … you are such an eff up.” It almost looks as if Vex has convinced Massimo to leave with him, but at that moment, Massimo gets a call and is off.

Where does the deranged little druid go? To Evony. They kiss, and he realizes that Lauren has succeeded in transforming Evony into a human, so now they are the same. Evony thinks that Massimo has something important for her, but rifles through his bag and doesn’t seem to think anything is of worth to her. One of the items she throws is the little rattan box, and we all know what’s inside that! Evony does something that she excels at – verbally berating Massimo – and his response? “Stop it, Mother.” And Lauren walks in at precisely that moment. Wait an ever-loving second … Evony is Massimo’s mother? That just makes that earlier kiss extra icky on an Oedipal level!

Massimo takes Lauren prisoner and proceeds to have a meltdown of Gollum proportions. He reveals that he has the papyrus seed with the power of the Una Mens, and Lauren pleads with him not to eat it, but he does it anyway. We don’t see the effects, but whatever transformation is taking place sounds terrible. I hope it backfires on him.

Fae-vourite Lines:

Evony (to Lauren): “You could sell diapers to a sumo.”

Lauren (to Evony): “Are you trying to melt me? That’s adorable.”

Bo: “Handfasting. Oh nonononono. Been there done that with a Loki in a cheesy Niagara hotel.”

Random Thoughts:

  • Looks like we are finally going to meet Bo’s daddy in the season finale!
  • I adore that tan coloured blazer/jacket that Lauren is wearing. Anyone know where I can find one?
  • There really IS an app for everything!

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