Lost Girl: Let the Dark Times Roll

I can’t believe we’re already five episodes into this season of Lost Girl, and “Let the Dark Times Roll” was another surprise-fueled, exposition heavy hour. Let’s take a looksie at what went down in Fae town!

Bo + Evony = Frenemies?
The action continues from last episode with Bo learning that she’s Dark Fae from the Una Mens. They tell Bo they are done with her, but that they still plan to end Kenzi and Lauren because they are threats to all Fae. Bo attempts to suck the chi from the Una Mens, but it boomerangs. WHOA! They tell her she has to pledge fealty to the Morrigan immediately, or die. Bo grudgingly heads over to the office of the Dark Fae leader and surprise – Evony is back in charge!

Evony tells Bo that she can get out of being dark by showing proof that she was tricked before the next full moon … which happens to be that night. And a missing Vex probably has the answers. Evony demands Bo’s presence at a Dark Ceilidh that night and lures her in with potentially finding Vex. Bo arrives as the bash to find she’s the guest of honour, and there’s a human buffet that she quickly dismisses. Evony tries to convince Bo that Dark is the way to be – there’s a lack of hypocrisy that the Light Fae are known for. Evony also shares that the Una Mens are cramping her style and they won’t leave town until every loose end is tied up, including Vex.

Lauren – Why You Gotta Play Bo That Way?
Evony has a surprise for Bo, namely Lauren, who appears in the most stunning black dress. Darkness agrees with the Doc! Their reunion is immediately filled with lusty exchanges interspersed with Bo telling Lauren that Vex and The Wanderer somehow worked together to make Bo dark.

The Morrigan sends the duo on a mission to find Vex, and a third is added to the team in the form of Scavenger Fae, Pietra. With that, “Evony’s Angels” are on the case! Pietra has something called the Scimitar of Cronus that Vex wants and she’s set up a sting operation to lure him out with it.

Lauren is hiding from the Una Mens with the protection of the Dark Fae, and says that she feels more free than ever now that she’s aligned with the other side. She really thinks it is on her terms, but there has to be some strings attached.

After Vex has been found (more on that in a bit), Bo tells Lauren she wants to bring her home to her family, the Light Fae, but Lauren says she can’t go back to the Light. When Lauren was missing, it was the Dark Fae who sought her out and offered her protection. She’s on team Morrigan now! Bo even offers to claim Lauren, but Lauren replies that if she’s going to be a prisoner, she’s choosing her own cage. I guess it wasn’t a real reunion after all, and Bo seems so hurt. She really believed that they were an item again.

The Una Mens vs Fitzpatrick McCorrigan:
Trick is summoned by the Una Mens for a “personal inquisition” and we learn that he was the reason the Una Mens came to be. After the Great Fae War, rebels tried to overturn the Blood Laws of the Blood King, and Trick reveals that The Blood King (which we know was Trick) became corrupt. He surrendered his power to “a council of those willing to sacrifice their individual flaws and desires.” He also calls one of them by name – Arabella. She tells the tale of six sacred papyrus seeds that were given to six Fae to swallow, which created the “single vessel of humility and justice” known as the Una Mens. The Blood King agreed to be part of it but betrayed them by stealing his seed and vanishing. The Una Mens want the Blood King to take his rightful place among them … unchallenged. I’m a bit puzzled by this. Do they not realize that Trick is the Blood King? Throughout the later part of their exchange, Trick has a dagger behind his back but doesn’t end up using it when the Una Mens name him acting Ash.

Let’s Give the Mesmer a Hand:
The Fae trio of Bo, Lauren and Pietra find Vex and OMG what the heck is wrong with Vexy’s hand?!? He’s concocting an anaesthetic to perform a self-amputation before leaving town. Bo tells Vex that he and the Wanderer are to blame for her declaration to the Dark and Vex suggests that the Wanderer isn’t real. He then goes into his tale of being the last Mesmer. His was once a powerful Fae race, but when their hands were cut off, they were unable to feed and died “a slow, painful and humiliating death,” Vex’s family included. He promised he would never let that happen to himself and that’s why he became a servant of the Dark.

So about that hand … he chops it off with the scimitar right in front of Bo! He once again swears that he doesn’t know anything about Bo being pledged to the Dark Fae, and tells her to ask the Morrigan’s archivist. Evony has played Bo just to find Vex.

Bo returns to Evony’s office and asks to see the Archivist. He enters and peels his face off, which contains the pledge that Bo signed. Ewww. Her signature is on it, and her sponsor, someone named “Rainer.” Bo doesn’t recognize the name, and neither does Evony, but one thing is becoming clear – Bo can’t un-Dark herself.

Back to Vex and his severed limb … Bo put the hand on ice and brought it along with Vex to Trick. In a nice little touch, Vex’s hand is flipping the bird. Darn, every part of him is cheeky, even when not attached to him! Bo tells Trick about this “Rainer” dude and Trick says there’s only way to find out who he is – the King’s Book of Records.

The episode ends with the Archivist bringing Bo’s declaration to the Una Mens. Arabella looks up “Rainer” in what I’m guessing is the King’s Book of Records, and says, “No. It cannot be. Never again.” If she almost shows some emotion, it must be BA-AD!

Tam Tam and Kenzi – Will Twerk for Brushi:
At the Dark Ceilidh, Kenzi is reunited with Bruce, who is being used as a sushi table as punishment for helping Kenzi, and Kenzi’s reaction was priceless: “You’re Brushi!” And this new nickname sticks. Kenzi decides they are going to rescue him but the only way is for another Dark Fae to become his master. When Kenzi grabs a tablecloth to wrap the large, tattooed teddy bear, she finds a bride and groom hiding under a table, seemingly dead. Apparently the Dark Fae are killer wedding crashers, and that big softie Bruce says, “They read their vows in iambic pentameter. So lovely.” OK, so now I just want to see Bruce and Kenzi fall in love and have a beautiful wedding and ride off into the sunset in a stolen sports car.

Tamsin challenges Bruce’s current master to a challenge with Bruce as the prize. She is still very naive, awkward and unsure of herself, and when the Morrigan asks for Tamsin’s preferred mode of combat, Tam suggests a dance off, and Evony adds the stipulation that it has to be to the death. Tamsin’s moves start off weak but Kenzi joins in and they tear it up, but their opponent is the B Girl of the Fae World. Kenzi encourages Tamsin to use her powers to win this battle, and Tamsin obliges, but she’s disturbed by ending her opponent.

Fae-vourite Lines:

Bo: “Buddy, this is my town. If anyone is taking a leave, it’s you and your circle jerk of doom.”

Evony: “Imagine the unaligned Succubus finally yanking her head from between her shapely legs and coming over to the only side that matters.”

Vex: “The Wanderer? That’s a tall tale me mum used to tell me to scare me from fiddling with myself in public.”

Random Thoughts:

  • Will Tamsin ever be her formerly kickass self again?
  • Looks like Vex’s hand is gone. Who has it?
  • Speaking of Vex, is it possible that there may be another Mesmer out there and he’s not the very last?
  • What is up Trick’s sleeve when it comes to the Una Mens? He seemed intent on either ending them or causing them harm until they named him acting Ash.
  • Who is “Rainer” and why are the Una Mens showing some apprehension at his name? Why didn’t Trick react to the name when Bo told him? Is this something that was erased from his mind, or is he hiding something?

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