Lost Girl: End of a Line

Buckle up, Faenatics. You’re in for a bumpy ride with this Lost Girl recap for “End of a Line.”

Acacia Lives! Let’s Give Her a Hand
Bo crashes Kenzi and Tamsin’s movie night. Their attempt at fun is quickly interrupted by the arrival of a zombie-like creature, and who walks in behind it? ACACIA! I knew we’d be seeing her again. Acacia kills the creature, then introduces herself to Bo.

The elder Valkyrie recounts how Rainer had Hugin and Munin cut off her hand because Tamsin didn’t deliver Bo quickly enough. Her new hand is courtesy of Massimo the Druid. Wait a sec – did Massimo help Acacia before he fell into the fiery pit? Or is he still alive and kicking?

Acacia is now a Revenant hunter, tracking down dead Fae that have been re-animated like the one she just killed. Tam checks the Revenant’s body for clues and finds a Wanderer card. Acacia and Tam need to talk to Rainer, but Bo tells them he’s gone to the battlefields to pay his respects to the dead. TamTam snarkily implies that Rainer has gone to reanimate the dead instead, but Bo insists that Rainer’s a good guy. Before they head off to learn more about who is behind the Revenants, Tamsin mentions Rainer’s absence from Trick’s history books, so how can Bo trust him? Of course we know it’s because Trick wrote him out of existence! Bo joins Tamsin and Acacia so she can prove Rainer isn’t behind the walking dead.

The trio head to a Fae shantytown, and Tamsin mentions that something called the “Cult of the Dead” hangs out there. It’s not long before a Revenant sends everyone running and screaming. Bo’s about to take it on when Dyson shows up and rips out its throat.

Dyson and Tamsin pair up to question the locals, which leaves Bo and Acacia together. They meet with a skeezy dude named Harvey, show him a Revenant head in a bag, and ask if he knows who sent it. When he doesn’t respond to Acacia’s aggressive interrogation, Bo lets her inner Succubus shine and gets him to cooperate. He empties the contents of the bag into a glass and drinks it like a fine wine. Apparently drinking the blood is the only way to gain dominion over a Revenant. This Revenant isn’t being controlled by any of Harvey’s people, but he says this body belongs to Acacia, who quickly defends herself – it may be one of her dead, but she didn’t reanimate him, which leads to a minor tussle between her and Bo. Dyson and Tamsin interrupt Bo and Acacia’s catfight with a lead – someone named Laveau is behind the Revenants. Nice little nod to the voodoo queen of New Orleans, Lost Girl writers!

On the way to Laveau’s, Tamsin confides to Acacia that since Rainer got off the train, she’s been remembering things from her past lives, particularly that she may have been the one to give Rainer’s soul to the Blood King instead of bringing it to Valhalla. Acacia tells Tamsin they have to find Rainer and take him out. Oh, and the Revenants aren’t actually after Bo, they want Tam.

Laveau greets them at her trailer and says that she knows Bo is the one who took out the “Council of Hate” and is involved with a “man of mystery.” Bo asks Laveau who is behind the Revenants, and Laveau responds that she can wake up all of the dead, which does some crazy stuff to Acacia’s new hand. Why am I not surprised that Ass-imo lied to Acacia about growing her a new hand? Laveau is behind the Revenants and tells bo that she wants the remaining papyrus seed that contains the power of the slain Una Mens. Bo has no clue what Laveau is referring to. Dyson tires of Laveau’s ramblings and knocks her out cold. Good one, Wolfie!

When they return to Harvey to tell him Laveau was behind it all, it turns out he and Laveau were in on it together. Cue an homage to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller,” complete with creatures busting through windows and black goo dripping from the mouth of a Revenant. Laveau is also dead, so Bo beheads the priestess and sucks blood from the severed head to control the Revenants.

Later, Acacia and Tamsin say their goodbyes, and Tam lets on that she knows Acacia wasn’t hired to track down the Revenants; it was a way for Acacia to place the Wanderer card so Tamsin would rally the others when it’s time to end Rainer. Acacia first denies it, and then reminds Tamsin what the Wanderer is capable of, but Tam wants to be certain about the Wanderer before taking any action. Before they part ways, Acacia warns Tamsin that Massimo is up to something. Tam still believes Massimo is dead, but Acacia tells her that dead doesn’t always mean dead. Acacia plants what looks to me like a Judas kiss on Tam’s cheek. Has Acacia betrayed Tamsin?

At the loft, Bo is defending her feelings for Rainer to Tamsin when a book opens up and Rainer’s face appears on a page before their eyes. Tamsin asks who the hottie is and when Bo says it’s Rainer, Tamsin says that is definitely not her boss. Could I be right about a misdirection? Have we yet to meet the Wanderer?

Family Reunion
Kenzi’s cousin Dmitri shows up at the loft with Kenzi’s mom. KENZI’S MOTHER, you guys! Kenzi is dealing with the unexpected guests when Hale arrives. Kenzi tries to persuade him to leave – she is clearly embarrassed by her family – but Hale says that he invited them.

We learn about Kenzi’s mama issues, specifically that Kenzi’s mom chose a boyfriend over her daughter. Mama gives Kenz the old “I don’t know how to be on my own” speech, and Kenzi tells her mom what she had to do to survive because of that choice. Kenzi’s mom claims the boyfriend is history and it was time for a reunion. Kenzi kind of falls for it, but I don’t trust this woman at all.

Kenzi’s mom makes dinner and Hale sings her praises, but she gives some credit to her daughter, saying that Kenzi will make a good wife. Kenzi is weirded out by that comment, but Hale takes the opportunity to propose. SAY WHAT, SIREN?!? A sweet moment is interrupted by Dmitri’s phone, and Kenzi learns that her mom lied about the boyfriend. Not only is he still in the picture, they’ve asked Hale for money. Kenzi orders her family to leave, but first has some parting words for her mom: she’s a coward that doesn’t value herself. As Dmitri leaves, he tells Kenz not to let Hale get away, that he’s a good one. I almost think Dima is being sincere.

Kenzi and Hale have a heart to heart and Kenz wants them to slow down. She assures him she’s not letting him down. When Bo returns, Kenzi runs out of the room to show her the ring. Kenzi hasn’t said yes yet, but Bo assures her bestie that it’s not crazy to consider the proposal.

Drinking Buddies
Trick summons Vex for a powwow. Vex questions Trick’s abilities as leader of the Light and Trick replies that he wasn’t a very good king, either. Trick shares that Rainer wasn’t evil, just defiant. Trick also shares that Vex’s father was one of his best generals, and a hero, which is news to Vex since he only knew his dad’s cruel side. They get their drink on and as Trick shares stories about Daddy Mesmer, a book on Trick’s shelf moves, which means Rainer is being written back into history. At this point, Trick reveals his reason for inviting Vex over: the sixth Una Mens seed is missing, and Trick thinks Vex is behind it. As an angry Vex leaves, Trick says that he sees the good in Vex and that it’s not too late to do the right thing.

Fortress Around Your Heart
Laveau says something interesting to Dyson about a cage around his heart and he’s the one that put it there; he allows Bo to keep him on the sidelines. Dyson later questions Bo about Rainer’s motives, and although he’s always been there for Bo, if Rainer turns out to be the bad guy, Dyson won’t rescue her. Bo replies that they were always more than just lovers, and Dyson asks what they are to each other now. Bo is destined to be with Rainer, but she would have stood by Dyson – and Dyson interrupts. She would stand by him if she was still in love with him. I feel for you, wolf man. Dyson takes solace in a bottle of booze and when Tamsin shows up, they get friendly with each other.

Goodbye, Lover
Another unexpected visitor shows up: Massimo. He attacks Kenzi, physically and verbally, because she and Bo tried to end him. Kenzi tries to defend herself but he is ahead of her every move. Hale comes to Kenzi’s rescue and fights Massimo with his fists and his and his Siren sonic blast. Massimo’s incapacitated, but Hale has another ear bleed like he did at the start of the season. Hale heads toward Kenzi, and just when we think it’s going to be OK, Massimo skewers Hale with a sword. The Twig of Zamora has once again saved Massimo’s life, and he has it because of Kenzi. As Massimo leaves, he tells Kenzi that her debt to him is paid in full. Kenzi goes to Hale, and his last words are, “I love you.”

Bo returns to find Kenzi cradling Hale’s body. Kenzi blames herself because she gave Massimo the twig as payment for her spark “power.” Kenzi pleads with Bo to bring Hale back, but Bo says there’s not enough chi in the room for it to work. Kenzi implores Bo to take her chi, and although Bo tries, she can’t save Hale without killing Kenzi. Kenzi’s breakdown is truly heartbreaking, especially her words: “I was going to say yes.” Ksenia Solo – you get a standing ovation for that performance! I cried so many tears.

Fae-vourite Lines:

Kenzi: “You had me at a-hole.”

Acacia (to Tamsin): “Just cause he’s boning sugar snatch out there doesn’t mean he’s gonna leave you be.”

Random Thoughts:

  • Is Hale’s death what the Leviathan alluded to in “Destiny’s Child”? Or is more carnage on the way? And is it connected to Acacia’s betrayal of Tamsin, or coincidence?
  • Can Hale can be brought back? As Acacia said – dead is never really dead.
  • Is there more to Dyson and Tamsin’s hook-up? Acacia did make a comment about Tamsin settling down with a wolf and popping out some puppies.

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  1. The writing for lost girl seems to have depreciated at an alarming rate . the storylines are disjointed , not due to complexity but just badly written there are many film with multiple complex threads on TV but lost girl writers are going out of their way to mess it up .

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