Lost Girl: Clear Eyes, Fae Hearts

Hello Faenatics! My Lost Girl recap’s a bit later than usual this week, but I guarantee it will be worth it. Plus, I have another theory that I can’t wait to chat with all of you about. So let’s get right to “Clear Eyes, Fae Hearts” (one of my fae-vourite Lost Girl episode titles EVER, BTW)!

We begin with Bo dreaming of Lauren, dressed all in white and holding the music box, and it wakes Bo up with a start. She’s in bed beside Tamsin, who immediately recounts a silly dream.

We move to Dyson and Mark at a football stadium where Dyson’s investigating a crime scene. A star player has been killed, and as Dyson looks thing over, the same triskele symbol that we’ve been seeing all over the place this season is formed in blood beside the victim. Dyson wipes it away (and I yell, “Don’t tamper with the crime scene!”) but it reforms, bigger than it was before. I’m almost surprised the blood also didn’t form a hand flipping Dyson off.

Dyson takes the case to Bo, Tam and Lauren, because he’s not sure why the football player, Jake, was a target. Dyson tells them about the Fae cult he’s tracking and the symbol he’s found with all of the bodies. Looks like this may be the work of some “end of days” whackjobs. Dyson wants to look into the death more closely, and Tamsin suggests that she go in undercover as a cheerleader. I love that Dyson and Lauren doubt that TamTam can pull off perky, but if anything, she has exactly what it takes to play a mean girl cheerleader!

Tamsin and Bo go to the stadium; Bo’s undercover as a cheerleading coach, and Tamsin as a cheerleader from a school without a squad. The cheer team isn’t so receptive to an outsider joining them, and their leader, Brinkley, basically says Tamsin is too fat to be a cheerleader. But Tamsin shows that she has the right stuff and lets her inner Valkyrie shine, scaring off Brinkley for the moment.

The lone guy on the cheerleading squad, Derek, gives Bo some intel on the football players, and then there’s an injury on the field. It totally looks like the player is dead, but shortly after, he gets up like nothing happened at all. This guy must be Fae. Tamsin tries questioning the player, Clay. He’s on a scholarship and now that Jake is dead, he’s the number one pick in the upcoming draft. Clay evades Tamsin’s questions by saying he doesn’t need any distractions, but there is definitely more to this.

Bo thinks they should call Lauren in to test Clay’s blood, but Tamsin wants to call Dyson instead. Bo says the help of a medical expert is better, and Tam is obvi miffed and jealous that Bo wants Lauren there.

Over at Lauren’s clinic, Cassie is still haunted by the vision, and she’s raving about rain, a flood, a coming storm, and darkness. That sounds bleak. Lauren makes an excuse to leave the office and heads off to test the football players.

Elizabeth shows up at the Dal and orders a drink that Trick hasn’t made in a thousand years. Trick says that the Ancients called it the “drink of prophecy.” He asks if she’s new to the Fae colony, and wants her to sign the ledger but tells her it’s missing.

Lauren shows up at the stadium to do surprise drug testing on the players. She says she either has to draw blood or watch them pee, and one of the players asks if she likes to watch. Boy does he ever have the wrong gal!

Dyson is teaching Mark to box when a woman walks in: Alicia Wells. She’s been trying to reach Dyson and he hasn’t been returning her calls. Her husband died, but she’s seen him on the street. Dyson tries to dissuade her from looking any further, and says it’s just grief making her see her husband, but she has a photo. OMFG … it’s Kevin / Heratio!

Back in the locker room, Lauren is examining football player samples while Bo stands by, and they find something odd in Clay’s sample. They have Trick on speaker phone and figure out that Clay is a Heraclid, a human with exceptional genes, and actually a descendant of Hercules. Meanwhile, Elizabeth was still at the Dal and overhears Trick’s conversation, but then she disappears.

Dyson questions Clay and says that they know he’s a Heraclid. Clay says he doesn’t know what that is, and Dyson realizes Clay has no clue that he’s not a regular ol’ human. Dyson covers it up and says that it just means that Clay has good genes. When Dyson goes to Bo with the info, she almost reveals that she knows who her dad is, but then backtracks.

Dyson and Bo question Derek again and check his locker, where they find a bloody jersey. Derek denies knowing it was there, but now he’s suspect #1 in the death of Jake.

Mark is working out at the gym when Iris, the girl who stole the ledger, shows up. She spies Dyson’s evidence board with what is known about the dead football player. They chat, and she mentions something about her parents teaching her that all warfare is based on deception, plus she says something big is going to happen at the football game. Before she leaves, she traces the triskele in the sweat on Mark’s arm. He asks Iris where she saw that, and she tells him that according to her parents, everything is going to “go boom.”

At a press conference, a reporter interviewing Clay mentions Derek being arrested for Jake’s murder, and Clay says that Derek is innocent. Derek is Clay’s boyfriend, and he was at home in bed with Clay when the murder took place. When Bo speaks to Derek and Clay, Clay says that his new agent at Capital Sports told him that he couldn’t say anything about Derek because it may ruin his draft status, and that if Clay doesn’t win the upcoming game, his career is over.

HOLD ON HOLD ON HOLD ON … Capital Sports? As in the place that Kevin / Heratio is standing in front of in the picture that Alicia gave to Dyson?!? Clay has no clue that is all goes way beyond football!

At the Dal, Tamsin, Bo and Dyson discuss widening the suspect pool since Derek and Clay alibi out. Tamsin says her guess is Brinkley, since she told Tamsin that her cheerleading career advances as long as Clay’s successful. Bo also mentions Capital Sports, which our clever Wolf recalls from Alicia’s photo of her late husband. He shows it to the gals and they put the pieces together. Mark arrives with the info from Iris that something is going to happen at the game. They need to get to the stadium, and instead of posing as a cheerleader, Tamsin’s going to be a football player.

It’s game time and Tamsin’s all suited up. Bo scans the crowd and discovers the private suite, where she finds Elizabeth, Kevin / Heratio and Iris. Elizabeth asks if Bo is “Fae or Foe” and Bo says that she’s both. Iris comments on Bo’s beauty and Kevin warns Iris that Bo’s a Succubus, something that he learned the hard way. When Bo asks what their interest is in Clay, Elizabeth says that Clay is like family. The football player is going to be famous, and the bigger Clay’s fanbase is, the better it is for their “family.” Bo wants to know why they framed Derek for Jake’s murder, and Elizabeth said it was risk management. Elizabeth dismisses Bo; Bo says she’s not done with them yet, and they don’t know who she is. That’s when Bo notices Elizabeth feeding on the crowd’s energy when they’re cheering. Elizabeth then hits Bo with a lightning bolt and closes the door.

The game continues and Tamsin wins it with a touchdown after a Hail Mary pass! Brinkley is right there to suck up to the champ, and Tamsin takes off her helmet. Hah! Bo, who was injured by Elizabeth, finds Tamsin and says although she won the game, they’ve actually lost. They head back to the loft, and Bo has a bad cut where Elizabeth struck her. Tamsin tries to help with a little chi, but it won’t go away. Tamsin offers to run Bo a bath, and says, “What are girlfriends for?” The look on Bo’s face basically says that she didn’t realize that they were an item.

Alicia and Dyson meet, and he tells her that she needs a change of scenery, but she won’t stop looking for her husband. Dyson says he’ll be there for her if she needs him. Could this be the start of something more?

There’s a powwow at the Dal, and they go over the events. Three humans that were killed in the elevator crash are now possessed by some type of Fae. When looking at the photos, Trick recognizes Elizabeth from her visit to the Dal. Bo IDs her former date, who must have done something to make the oracles rip out their own eyes and not see exactly what is coming. They want to know why these three bodies were chosen, and who is possessing them. Also, why did they say that Clay was like family? Bo mentions Elizabeth feeding off the crowd’s energy, and Trickopedia says there was an ancient order that fed off the energy of its children. The pieces fall into place — Clay is a Heraclid, a descendant of Hercules. Hercules’ father was Zeus. According to Trick, the Ancients are the most powerful Fae family that ever lived, and haven’t existed for years. They go by many names — like the ancient gods and goddesses. Bo asks “What if they’re back?” I think they are, especially since her dad is Hades!

The episode ends with Kevin, Elizabeth and Iris looking at the ledger. They discuss Bo Dennis, who has found them sooner than planned, and Elizabeth blames this on Kevin. Iris is breathing on the window and tracing the triskele with her finger. She refers to Kevin and Elizabeth as her parents. Oh, and she killed Jake! They know Bo is on to them so they need to speed up their plan, but Kevin says it’s too soon. Elizabeth doesn’t listen and conjures up a storm. Damn!

Fae-vourite Quote:

Tamsin (to Dyson): “Give me a D. Give me a Y. Give me a … suck my balls.” (Yes, I get an immense deal of pleasure from Tamsin’s potty mouth.)

Thoughts and Questions:

  • VanCity Valkyries — nice touch!
  • Now that they’re talking the Ancients, aka gods and goddesses, if Hades is Bo’s dad, and these three troublemakers are related to the Heraclid, does that make them Zeus, Hera and their child Eris (goddess of discord)? Iris / Eris … makes sense to me! Who do you think they may be? Let me know in the comments below!

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