Lost Girl’s Anna Silk: Bo Is on Top of Her Game in Season 5

It’s finally here — Lost Girl Season 5 premieres tonight, and in our final interview from our set visit, we chat with the incomparable Anna Silk. She was excited to tell me about a clear-headed and driven Bo in this season, and look back at the journey so far.

When the Lost Girl journey began for you, did you imagine it would come this far?

We always said it’d be great to go five years, and that was in Season 2. Then we got a Season 3, and here we are at 5. It’s kind of exceeded our expectations.

The writers told me that Season 5 hits the ground running. Has the mourning period concluded after last season’s events, or is that still unresolved?

It’s ever present, but it’s not directly after. There’s a little bit of time, but we do hit the ground running in terms of the next step.

Would you say there is a different feeling to this season already?

The best way for me to describe Bo this season is that she’s kind of on top of her game. She’s very clear-headed, she has very specific goals and doesn’t get convoluted with a whole bunch of stuff that’s going on in her world. There’s obviously a lot going on, but she’s pretty smart and clear-headed this season, which I really love. She went through a lot last season.

There was a lot of inner turmoil in Season 4.

There was, and it’s nice to make her a little more clear on things.

I’ve heard that there are some new faces coming. Would you say that exploring these new dynamics like this keeps everything fresh for you?

Totally. And it’s just nice to feel like Bo is more of a leader again, and a leader in her own life as well, taking the reins. And then having new people come in colours her world.

Would you say Bo’s brief alignment with the Dark Fae has changed her perspective at all on Light versus Dark?

I don’t know that it’s changed her perspective on Light versus Dark. I think it’s changed her perspective on how vulnerable she is, but also how strong she needs to be. I still think she doesn’t want to pick a side. She wants to remain unaligned.

I really like how Bo has been able to channel that Dark energy when she needed it. Any chance we’ll see more of that?

I actually don’t know yet. I’m not 100% sure. There are definitely Dark elements to this season, and directly related to Bo, so I think she’s going to have to in order to fight back.

The best of both worlds for her would be knowing how to harness that energy without it consuming her.

I feel like Bo has to learn to harness the energy without forgetting about the human side of her, the human elements to her, and her humanity. That’s why she cares so much about humans in her world, and has such strong beliefs about the Fae.

Despite everything Bo has been through, to me, it seems that she still looks for the good in everyone.

I really think she does. She’s not a pushover. She’s cautious but she wants to see the good first. I’ve always thought that about Bo.

Will we see more of the grandfather/granddaughter relationship between Trick and Bo this season?

We haven’t really dealt with that yet, just because the first couple of episodes really kind of deal with where we left off last season, so we’re just getting some other things started. My first day of work this season was with Rick and Kris in a scene together, and that was a really nice way to start the season, in the Dal Riata, with the three of us.

Looking back at the Season 4 finale for a moment, were you prepared for the fan reaction to that episode?

We live tweeted for the season finale. It was funny because I was in LA so I actually had to watch it on a link which wasn’t 100% live. I didn’t know who was seeing what when, so Vanessa (Piazza) was writing me saying, “This is what just happened,” and then I could talk about it. Just to see, oh my god, the reaction to Hale’s death and the reaction to the finale. I hadn’t seen the finale until that night, and it was pretty intense. It was a pretty crazy finale, and heartbreaking.

I really think it was the subtleties in everyone’s performances that really stood out. And I lost it with that scene in the cemetery, especially the song choice (Keaton Henson’s “You”).

I loved the cemetery stuff, and the voiceover was beautifully written, and that song was perfect. The night that we shot that last scene with Ksenia, they were in there for like 12 hours and I was in my trailer all day waiting to just do my last little piece, so it was very emotional for me to walk in that room with all of the energy that had been happening all day.

Be sure to watch the Season 5 premiere of Lost Girl, tonight at 9pm ET/PT only on Showcase! And look out for some more tidbits from our set visit as the season progresses.

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  1. Really enjoyed the read of this interview with Anna, awesome insight to what she went through in the finale. Bo being unaligned still remains a focal point. I wondered how they’d pick up from where they left off…relieved its with Rick. Thanks Televixen

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