Linda Hamilton to Guest on Season 3 of Lost Girl!

Some exciting casting news has just come down for Season 3 of Lost Girl – the legendary Linda Hamilton will be guest starring! Best known as Sarah Connor in the Terminator films and as Catherine on 80s TV series Beauty and the Beast, Hamilton was recently seen as spy mama Mary Elizabeth Bartowski on the hit NBC series Chuck.

Here’s a bit about her role:

Hamilton will star in Lost Girl episode 310 as Acacia, a tough, sexy and ruthless assassin who has enjoyed a storied and deadly career.  Acacia’s arrival spells trouble for Bo and company.

Lost Girl returns in 2013 (how will we survive until then?) … but never fear – The Televixen has some awesome content for you from San Diego Comic Con, including one-on-one interviews with Anna Silk, Kris Holden-Ried and Ksenia Solo! Look out for those soon.

Photo Courtesy of NBC

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