Kristin Lehman Chats About Season 3 of Motive

It’s here! It’s here! It’s here! Motive is one of those shows that makes me stupid happy, and I am thrilled Season 3 is upon us (if you’re a lucky Canadian with access to CTV). We jumped on the phone with series star and producer Kristin Lehman to chat about season three and what’s next for Angie.

The season premiere picks up six months after the events of the season finale, a plot device that mirrors the jump at the beginning of season two, and it works well to frame out the new dynamic among the team.

This season will be Lehman’s second as a producer, and she relishes that role. “It means a lot to me. I get to learn from some tremendous producers around me. I’ve been truly amazed with the skills that I use on set when the rubber meets the road and cameras are rolling,” she shares. “There’s another level of responsibility. I feel devoted to this project. It shows my commitment and how personal this project this is for me. I’m happy to develop the relationships and oversee the material. It’s exciting and has so much possibility.”

Lehman adds that producing gave her an opportunity to name her other skill sets. “You’re influencing storylines, and directors are relying on you to keep the wheels moving, and your castmates are looking to you for leadership and to maintain morale and encourage their work,” she points out. “That’s where my strengths lie. I’m really pleased to get the credit.”

Angie and Vega have to sort out a separation as the season begins, and Lehman says she and Louis Ferreira had questions about how it unfolded, and whether it was a formal estrangement. She likened it to something that most close friends can relate to. “What we decided is that Vega was always available and Angie had always intended to stay in touch with him because they’re very close in a co-dependent way. It was one of those experiences where you wait too long to call and then you just don’t [because you worry about the ramifications],” she says. “[Angie’s] inability to communicate clearly did affect their friendship. She wasn’t respectful in the way she kind of abandoned [it].”

Another relationship that is evolving is that of Angie and Lucas as Lucas has moved into a lead detective role. The second episode has some gem moments as Angie steps all over him on his case. Lehman says they will sort it out. “You see it [resolved] in different ways. He shouldn’t have to say that. Angie should know that,” Lehman points out. “He is going to make choices about the kind of detective he is, and his role in the team. It does come out with Angie [eventually].”

There’s a tease about something more with Roger R. Cross‘s Boyd, but Lehman says that a tease is all that it will remain for now. “In my mind, Angie enjoys a healthy, spirited, and loving relationship with him, but we didn’t have time [to really explore that].”

Guest stars this season will include Victor Garber, Ally Sheedy, Chris Klein, Dylan Walsh, and Bonnie Somervile.

Lehman says that while Garber’s character will be referenced throughout the season, he will only appear in three episodes. “He is marvelous,” says Lehman. “He’s such a debonair, generous and talented actor, and I learned a lot just by being around him.”

She also had a ball with Sheedy, who appears in Episode 2, airing next week. “I loved working with [her]. I loved working with all of our guest stars … but I absolutely loved it. She’s such an excellent actress to play ping-pong with, metaphorically speaking,” she explains. “She’s game for anything , she’s fully committed, and I loved working with her. She’s so real and in the moment and intelligent and you can just go. That’s very exciting.”

Motive wrapped filming last month, and Lehman is looking forward to spending time at home with her family until her next project rolls around.

The third season premieres Sunday night at 10 pm ET/PT on CTV with guest star Garber, Copper‘s Kyle Schmid, and Cracked‘s Luisa D’Oliveira. Click here for sneak peeks and behind-the-scenes videos.

For our American friends, Lehman says Motive will not return to ABC this summer. Stay tuned for news on a U.S. distributor.

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3 thoughts on “Kristin Lehman Chats About Season 3 of Motive

  1. Re: Motive not available in the US, Season 4, and more episodes.

    I live in the US, and won’t be able to see Season 3. Please let me know when I can see it. My preference is to let CTV allow us to watch it on their web site since it is already in place. Second would be YouTube as it works very well. Third would be HuLu, but they can be a pain about advertisements (I use an ad blocker). Last would be some paid service such as iTunes or NetFlix.

    I hope there will be a Season 4 with more than 13 episodes (20 would be great).


    1. Hi Dave! I have not read anything yet on whether/where S3 will be picked up in the US — I’d guess ION or Reelz, but nobody has confirmed. As far as I’m aware, a season four has also not been announced. If it is, they’ll likely keep the 13-episode format. That’s more of the typical series order for a Canadian series.

      If you have a way to configure an iTunes account for Canada, the episodes are available that way. When I hear about a US distributor, I’ll post it to the site. Thank you for writing!

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