Aaron Ashmore Teases His New Series ‘Killjoys’

Killjoys is coming on June 19 to Space and Syfy, and I was lucky enough to chat with star Aaron Ashmore following their panel at Toronto ComiCon in March. This is just a taste of our Killjoys coverage; before the series premiere, we’ll have interviews with all three leads from our visit to their Toronto set last fall.

Now that there is somewhat of a finished product, what were your initial reactions to seeing everything come together?

I was super-excited. I’m very critical of myself in all the projects that I do. So, sometimes I’m like, “Oh, man, I wish I had done that differently,” or, “Ah, it didn’t come together like I wanted it to.” But, this show, I was just super-excited and I felt like I was on the ride. The pacing of it is great, the effects are amazing. I think the story really came together. I’m really, really excited for people to see it.

From the preview we just saw in the panel, I really liked the cheeky, sarcastic tone. Is that consistent throughout?

Yeah, I mean, there is definitely hints of that. Also, sometimes things get really dark and serious. It just depends on where we are at. But yeah, there is definitely a sense of humor, there is definitely a sense of fun in the show that is throughout. But, we can also get quite dark. It encompasses all of those things.

What are you able to tease about the dynamics between your character, John, and the other two leads?

Well, from Johnny’s perspective, I think at its heart they are partners, but there is also they’re almost family in a sense. There is not a lot of stability where they live. There is structure to the job but it is also very dangerous. So, I think at the end of the day, for Johnny particularly, he is looking for stability in a family and that’s what the group becomes. There are elements of that and, obviously, Davin is my brother. I think it is sort of a family thing that we respect each other, we work hard, and we have to protect each other. It’s a very strong bond.

The preview showed a nemesis for Dutch that interacts with all of you. Does Johnny have a specific foe or nemesis?

No, not a specific foe. I think that we are all dealing with the character Khleyn, who is sort of the overarching bad guy. But, I think Johnny might get in his own way sometimes. His pride is – you know, like those things at times can get in his way where he may act out of turn or a bit of a fool because that gets in his way, maybe gets himself in trouble. So, sometimes he gets in his own way. So, that’s who I’ll say who his enemy is – it’s a little bit of himself at times.

What was it like, from your perspective, to be sitting on that stage while an audience saw the first glimpse of Killjoys?

Really exciting. We work really, really hard and I know how passionate and excited this fanbase can be. I’m excited about the show so I want it out there. I want people to see it; I want people to enjoy it. It’s really cool for a show that hasn’t aired to have people come out. It’s incredible.

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