CSA 2015 Winning Moment: Orphan Black’s Jordan Gavaris

Immediately after his win for Best Performance by an Actor in a Featured Supporting Role
in a Dramatic Program or Series, we spoke with Orphan Black‘s Jordan Gavaris about taking the category for the second year in a row, and their upcoming third season.

Congratulations! Winning something like this, being recognized for your spectacular work on this show, what does it feel like to be acknowledged by your peers once again this year?

I didn’t fit in in a lot of circles. I wasn’t really athletic. I struggled to find my seat at the dinner table, metaphorically speaking, in life. And this is a community of people that have continually cleared a space for me at the table and that’s a pretty phenomenal feeling. That’s, you know – it’s tops. I mean, critical recognition is great, but, from your peers – from the people that you sit in the audition rooms with and that work on the shows that you’re fans of, that you’re a part of – nothing is better than that.

Up until the point they revealed who the male clone was, was there a time where you thought it may have been Felix?

I didn’t know that storyline was being worked on until part way through. Yeah, I think for a second I thought it could go so many different ways, either me or Dylan [Bruce] or somebody else. I would have loved the opportunity; I would have had loads of fun. But, you can’t deny Ari Millen, he’s got this gravitas about him. He has an energy that everybody responded to on the show, instantly.

If you could give us a tease, one or two words about the upcoming season, what would you say?

Oh, let me give something David Lynchian. Division. Actually, divide and conquer. Those are your two words.

Awesome. Congratulations again. Can’t wait for Season 3!

Photo by Melissa Girimonte. Copyright © 2015 TheTelevixen.com

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