A Conversation with Orlando Jones & Kim Coates

November 4 marked the launch of shomi, the Canadian video streaming service that is currently in beta release (i.e. available to some Rogers and Shaw cable/internet subscribers). I had the chance to chat with two of TV’s hottest stars at shomi’s launch event in Toronto: Sleepy Hollow‘s Orlando Jones and Sons of Anarchy‘s Kim Coates. Both of those series are available on shomi if you haven’t started watching yet, or if you want to relive some of their characters’ crazy rides!

We reflected on both Frank Irving and Tig Traeger’s arcs on their respective shows, discussed the literary roots of both series, and Coates even gave us a little musical ditty when I told him how I hope SOA will end!

Watch the full video below:


Photo and Video Copyright © 2014 TheTelevixen.com

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