Jewel Staite Dishes a Bit on Her Supernatural Role

Earlier today, Jewel Staite, most famously known as Kaylee Frye on Firefly, made an appearance at Polaris 25 in Toronto, and during a fan Q&A, she had a bit to share about her guest role on Supernatural which she is currently filming in Vancouver.

Staite is playing Sam’s long lost childhood sweetheart in an episode directed by Jensen Ackles, but didn’t really divulge much more than that. She did mention that she does get to be part of some cool action scenes.

She had nothing but praise for Ackles as a director, and said Jared Padalecki is like a big kid that likes to tell jokes on set.

Staite only admitted to being part of one episode during the upcoming season of Supernatural, but did share that she wouldn’t mind if it turned into more.

Her visit to Toronto for the Polaris 25 convention was cut short due to her guest slot on Supernatural, but after working into the wee hours of Saturday morning, she hopped on a flight to join fans for a memorable Sunday at the con. Fans can catch her next at San Diego Comic-Con next weekend.

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  1. I had the pleasure of spending wkd with Jewel she was such a lovely fun person. I asked ?s about her SPN role she had fun trying to answer without giving anything away 🙂 She did confirm Jared is just a big kid and fun to work with Jensen is awesome as a director she has known him for many years but did statehe is just plain HOT!!!! and sweetie to work with have great pic with myself and her
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