Grant Gustin Talks about Becoming The Flash

The series premiere of The Flash is nearly here, and in our final clip, Grant Gustin talks about becoming Barry Allen and The Flash! You’ll really want to watch this video, but here are some tidbits:

  • Gustin shared that Barry’s focus is on proving his father’s innocence. Although there are a lot of women in his life, love isn’t his priority.
  • There’s a scene in the pilot with John Wesley Shipp (who played The Flash in the 90s) that was his favorite to shoot.
  • Barry has multiple father figures, especially Joe West who has been there for him after losing his mom and his father going to prison.
  • Gustin told us that he thinks the only reason he’s playing a superhero is because The Flash is brighter and more optimistic. He doesn’t think he could play the dark, brooding superhero.


Photo and Video by Melissa Girimonte. Copyright © 2014

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