Gotham: Under the Knife

This week’s episode of Gotham picked up where we left off last week with the tale of The Ogre. “Under the Knife” is really intense and high pace, plus The Ogre makes him move. Let’s get started.

The episode begins with Bruce walking late at night under the Gotham City Bridge while a gangster follows him. Luckily Selina comes to his rescue as usual and scares the guy off. Bruce and Selina then get into an argument about the fact that Selina killed Reggie, but she calls him out for wanting to do it himself so Bruce lets it go.

Bruce then figures out that the only way to get all the dirt on Sid Bunderslaw is to get into his safe at work and steal all of his paperwork. Selina totally agrees and they decide to steal the safe key at the upcoming Wayne Charity Ball.

Ed is attacking watermelons as a form of research, when Jim comes in asking about Lee. In a quick switch we see Lee taking a bath as Jim calls her, but she doesn’t pick up. Just then a crashing noise comes from the other room and Lee quickly gets up to see what it is. Luckily it’s only a stray cat. She then goes to call Jim and he appears right behind her. It is creepy, but good to know that he is so protective of her.

Jim then fills Lee in on The Ogre case and tells her that she is at risk of being killed if he continues to investigate. She knows that Jim won’t give up on the case, but she isn’t prepared to leave town. She is ready to face whatever comes her way. Clearly Lee is a total badass.

Meanwhile Jason, aka The Ogre, is reading newspaper articles on Jim and starting to find his weakness. We then see him at a bar talking to Barbara. When they go back to her place he is ready to kill her when she reveals that she doesn’t have a boyfriend and that no one would miss her if she died. This realization causes Jason to spare her life, because he must hurt the person closest to him now.

Oswald is running his club as usual when he is pulled away to have a meeting with a hitman. He wants to hire someone to kill Maroni, but it isn’t that easy to negotiate.

At the police station, Jim and Harvey get a lead when the last police officer on the case (whose wife was killed as a result) tells them that the victim worked at a hospital before she went missing. When they meet with the hospital boss, they have a hard time getting information from him, but they finally get a name. They learn that Ms. Van Groot is her link to the hospital.

When Harvey and Jim go see this mystery woman they find a man hanging from the ceiling. They cut him down before he dies and discover he is the butler. Harvey then finds the remains of Ms. Van Groot, who clearly owned the mansion they are in. Jim sees that there are pictures throughout the house of a man with his face scratched out. They then realize that it’s the butler’s son. But why is he a killer and what does he actually look like?

Back to Ed’s storyline, he goes to see Kristen (his dream girl) and sees that her tough cop boyfriend has been beating her. He confronts the guy but he just laughs at him. Later that night he waits for the boyfriend to go to Kristen’s house and confronts him again. After he refuses to leave town like Ed asks, Ed loses it and stabs him until he dies! He then laughs as he holds the knife. The beginnings of The Riddler have just begun, which is so exciting.

In a switch to Penguin, his plan to kill Maroni is going well until Maroni comes to the club to see his mother. Maroni woos his mom and then tells her that Penguin is actually a mobster who kills people, which crushes her. Penguin finally gets his mother home and tells her that Maroni was lying about everything and she believes him. While she is in the restroom he then proceeds to kill a deliveryman because he was sent by Maroni. It is really intense.

At the Wayne Charity Ball, Bruce and Selina are totally adorable together. Bruce finally meets Bunderslaw while Selina gets a copy of his safe key. Together they are perfect. Meanwhile Jason shows up as a surprise date for Barbara. While they are dancing he reveals that he can make her better and she agrees to go home with him.

Back to the case, Jim and Harvey figure out that Jason was in fact the son of the butler and he thought Ms Van Groot was his mother. When she told him he wasn’t her son and that she hated him he lost it and killed her. The butler then laughs when they call him a ladies man who is a serial killer. He shows them a picture of his son, who has a messed up face.

Just then, Jim remembers that the victim worked at a plastic surgeon’s office, which means the killer must have changed his appearance and that is how he initially met her.

Once they figure out that Jason has a new face, Jim starts to put a few more pieces together. Earlier in the episode The Ogre called and threatened him and referenced a newspaper article with Jim in it. In that article he wasn’t alone in the picture — Barbara was in it, which makes Jim panic.

Jim goes straight to Barbara’s place to find Selina alone. She tells him that she left with some guy and Jim shows her a sketch. Selina tells him that the picture is definitely the guy she left with. In the final scene, Barbara is at Jason’s place and she discovers his torture room. He walks up behind her and she just smiles at him!

Tune in next week to see what happens next with The Ogre storyline!

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