Guilt, Shame & Sin: Talking Reign with Megan Follows & Laurie McCarthy

I am beyond excited for Season 2 of Reign — which premieres tonight on The CW and CTV two — and one of the past summer’s Top 5 highlights from San Diego Comic-Con was chatting with star Megan Follows (Queen Catherine) and showrunner Laurie McCarthy! I have been a fan of Megan Follows since I was a child, and watching her performance on Reign has been so much fun. In this round table conversation, we look back at highlights from Season 1, and the ladies tease what’s in store during their plague-ridden second season. The full video is below, but first, here are some highlights:

  • McCarthy told us that we are in store for a haunting second season. People are haunted by survivor’s guilt, and by the sins they’ve committed.
  • In keeping the show’s supernatural twist, there is a real belief that the door between the living and the dead needs to stay closed, and in being open too long, too many ghosts may have come through.
  • Follows said that Catherine is filled with guilt and shame, and that her character feels that more people know things about her than she’s comfortable with them knowing. She added that Catherine believes she is going to hell.
  • Catherine and Mary will continue to clash because both of them think they’re right.
  • In looking back at Season 1, Follows shared that some of her favourite scenes included the one with Henry when Catherine let her hair down among the plans for her beheading, the scenes with Nostradamus, and the scene where she finally confronted Diane.
  • There were no plans to bring Clarissa back at that point, but McCarthy mentioned that it’s a door they’ve left open in the story so that they can revisit that story again. Follows weighed in and said that Clarissa is a sin of Catherine’s that haunts her character.


Photo and Video by Melissa Girimonte. Copyright © 2014

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