First Look at Bones Season 6!

At the end of season five, Brennan rejected Booth’s romantic overtures and the Jeffersonian team went their separate ways for a year. At long last, FOX has given us a peek at what happens when they’re all reunited. The team seems happy to be back together, but there’s one little issue – Booth didn’t exactly come back from Afghanistan alone.

How’s Brennan going to react to Booth’s new girlfriend, Hannah? Will it make her realize she made the wrong decision? What will fans think of the new girl? Do we hate her already, or are we going to give her a chance? And perhaps the most pressing question: What do we think of Brennan’s new bangs?

To tide you over until the September 23 premiere, here are two more videos from FOX. They don’t have any new season six footage, but they’re a fun treat anyway. First, a Bones dance break:

And this “State of the Unions” video examines the various relationships on the show, with a heavy emphasis on Booth and Brennan:

Other Bones news suggests that fans are getting frustrated with Booth and Brennan: Their “will they/won’t they” won the “Neverending Subplot Most in Need of Resolution” award in Television Without Pity’s fan-voted Tubey Awards. They also won Worst Payoff for “Booth and Bones finally kiss and then decide they don’t really want to go down that road.” Will their relationship make any progress in season six? Tune in to FOX on Thursdays at 9/8c (starting September 23) to find out, and then check back here for our take on each episode.

Image courtesy of FOX

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