Castle Season 3 Sneak Peek & More!

In the season two finale of Castle, Beckett finally realized her feelings for Castle – but didn’t get a chance to tell him before he ran off to the Hamptons with his ex-wife.

Now ABC has given us a peek at the September 20 season premiere and, well, there’s good news and there’s bad news. The good news: Castle and Beckett are reunited.

The bad news: this reunion occurs when Beckett arrests Castle. For murder. Romantic!

In other Castle romance news, Castle’s daughter Alexis is getting her first real boyfriend, in the person of Ken Baumann of The Secret Life of the American Teenager. Will he be able to hold his own when faced with the quirky and often-intimidating Castle clan?

We’ll find out in September!

Photo and Video Courtesy of ABC

One thought on “Castle Season 3 Sneak Peek & More!

  1. Hi from France.

    Here it’s only season 2. There is a lot of fans here. Good stories, sometimes funny, sometimes humor, a good TV movie.
    Nathan Fillion is very nice, and Stana katic is very sexy ans sensual.
    I hope there are a lot of seasons in the future, and maybe why not, a movie in the cinema.

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