Falling Skies Begins Tonight!

I had the chance to see the Falling Skies pilot about a month ago, and it definitely left an impression. Tonight, America will have its chance to check it out when the series premiere airs.

I don’t want to give away much, so I thought I’d share some general impressions of the series from what I’ve seen so far. One thing that really worked in its favour was the fact that the invasion has already happened. Much like The Walking Dead, the story begins as the survivors are trying to figure out how to live amidst the chaos around them. I found that it reminded me of Jericho at times in the way that there are selfish factions that don’t have the greater good in mind, along the lines of a militia. A few scenes were reminiscent of Battlestar Galactica; the mechs reminded me of Cylons in a way. There was even one scene that was similar to one of my favourites in Lord of the Rings. I liked the way tension built, but it was slow in parts, something that I kind of expected from a pilot as they are establishing the story and characters.

Want to see a bit before you decide to tune in? Check out this preview:

I certainly think it has potential based on the pilot. It wasn’t completely gripping or enthralling, but there’s a solid foundation on which an epic sci-fi series could be built.

Falling Skies debuts tonight at 9/8c on TNT in the US. It premieres July 6th on Superchannel in Canada.

Photo Courtesy of TNT

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