The Door Has Opened on S3 of Being Erica in the US

Being Erica returned to US television last night for its third season on SOAPnet, so I thought I’d share a link to an interview I did with the cast following the season premiere!

Transformation: An Interview With the Cast of Being Erica

I also have an interview with Reagan Pasternak (Julianne) to share with you in a few weeks, and a never before posted interview with one of Erica’s blasts from the past a bit later in the season!

Also, I’d like to know your thoughts on the Season 3 premiere, particularly with the new direction the series has taken. Be sure to leave your comments below!

Photo Courtesy of SOAPnet

One thought on “The Door Has Opened on S3 of Being Erica in the US

  1. Loved it! The show took a step in a new direction but without throwing out the good parts. A new season of a show needs to strike that balance. I’m really curious to see what “Phase 2” entails. I didn’t love Adam, though. I hope they’re not going to rush Erica right into a new relationship. And I hope we have not seen the last of Sam.

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