Countdown to Constantine: Harold Perrineau

The countdown to Constantine continues with this brief clip featuring Harold Perrineau from San Diego Comic-Con 2014, who plays John Constantine’s guardian angel, Manny.

Perrineau — an actor known for his memorable TV roles, including Michael on LOST, Damon Pope on Sons of Anarchy, and Oz‘s narrator, Augustus Hill — wasn’t able to share much with us, but here are some nuggets:

  • Constantine has a harsh relationship with demons and angels, so this isn’t an easy relationship to navigate, but it won’t always be contentious.
  • What Manny can and can’t do will be revealed slowly, and it’s going to be a fun journey.
  • Perrineau wasn’t able to say how much we’ll see of Manny in the first season.
  • He’s definitely no Clarence (referring to the angel in It’s a Wonderful Life); Manny is based on some biblical angels.

Check out the clip, and tune in tonight at 10/9c on NBC, or 10pm ET/PT on Global TV in Canada.


Photo and Video by Melissa Girimonte. Copyright © 2014

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