Countdown to Constantine: David S. Goyer

With only a few hours left until its premiere, the next clip in our countdown to Constantine features Executive Producer David S. Goyer.

Check out the full video below from New York Comic Con 2014, but first, here are some highlights:

  • When they first started adapting Constantine, they thought they needed a character that represented the people outside of Constantine’s world. They found it was more interesting and challenging to have someone of this same world, which is what prompted a change from Liv to Zed. Zed is more of an equal that can go toe to toe more with John Constantine.
  • John Constantine doesn’t have superpowers, a secret identity, he’s not a billionaire and he doesn’t have a costume. Goyer said that he likes writing a character that doesn’t have access to powers or an infinite amount of wealth. He also said that it’s refreshing to write a character that’s a jerk.
  • Goyer teased that a few characters that are part of the greater DC Universe and not part of Hellblazer proper will come into play this season.
  • John Constantine was created in the 80s with a lot of punk sensibility. Production has licensed a lot of punk tunes, including a Sex Pistols song, plus some music by the Buzzcocks.
  • When choosing what characters to bring into the story, Goyer told us that it’s based on the story itself. If there’s a character that makes sense to the story they’re telling, they’ll bring them in.

Photo and Video by Melissa Girimonte. Copyright © 2014

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