Coroner “Monster in the House” Preview

Coroner “Monster in the House” Preview

[Warning: General spoilers ahead.]

With just two episodes left in Season 2 of Coroner, Jenny finally cracks the nut that’s been brewing all season with her sleepwalking in the first part of the season finale.

During a session with Dr. Sharma that gives Jenny more clarity than she’s had all season, she focuses enough to take herself back to where the season began, with the apartment fire. In short order, she realizes that everything got murky and frenetic when she met Kelly (i.e. Jenny’s now caught up with me in my innate distrust of her).

Coroner Season 2

While she’s struggling with that, the original case pops back up with more questions than answers. And Jenny and Gordon have a long-overdue come to Jesus about his secret-keeping. That’s soon a secondary concern when he ends up in the hospital.

Jenny’s not the only one facing some sort of inability to forgive when she pushes Liam to actually go see Mal. It doesn’t go well, forcing Liam to face up to the fact that his friend isn’t the only one with unresolved emotional trauma.

Coroner Season 2

Donovan rounds back with Noor, taking his cue from that kiss. Then he finds out her truth, which sets him back. Fortunately, chasing Jenny’s leads gives him an outlet for his disappointment, but that eventually makes things even trickier.

Adrienne Mitchell directs Noelle Carbone‘s twisty, turny script with some very cool camera work by Samy Inayeh.

As we head into the finale next week, Jenny is more awake than ever and hell-bent to protect her family and uncover the truth.

Coroner airs Mondays 9pm (9:30NT). You can catch Season 1 now, and Season 2’s episodes so far, on CBC Gem. in case you missed anything, our series coverage is here.

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