Coroner “Flipside” Preview

Coroner “Flipside” Preview

[Warning: General spoilers ahead.]

Jenny’s sleep study takes an intriguing detour on Monday’s new Coroner, as Donovan follows the trail of a new lead related to Noor’s missing friend.  At home, Liam hosts his parents when they drop in unexpectedly, which raises his own demons about why he hasn’t visited Mal.

Noor asks Donovan for help when she joins a true crime podcast and it yields an anonymous tip. Driven by professional obligation after the suggestion that the case was mishandled, and their growing personal attraction, he takes the case very seriously. So seriously that he interrupts Jenny’s sleep study confinement to ask her to put her eyes on what they know.

Coroner Season 2

Although that’s a no-no when Dr. Sharma visits, she takes the seeds of her brief glimpse and internalizes the details. From there, extraordinary circumstances reveal the depths of her analytical skill. Between her unique insights and Donovan’s detective work, they make a formidable team.

Liam’s folks enjoy the day with him, Ross, and Matteo, but Liam’s own trauma lingers over the day. It’s something that his mother, Ross, and eventually, Jenny, see, but he’s not in a place where he can put words on it.  And Kelly’s still making herself way too comfortable with the family, especially while Jenny is away getting help.

Coroner Season 2

During the study, Jenny finds out she’s barely scratched the surface (literally) of what’s plaguing her. And she realizes that her desperation to find the truth for others is making her lose herself.  That’s a big reveal with only two episodes left after this one for Season 2.

Charles Officer directs a taut script that deftly blends dark and light by Seneca Aaron.

Coroner airs Mondays 9pm (9:30NT). You can catch Season 1 now, and Season 2’s episodes so far, on CBC Gem. in case you missed anything, our series coverage is here.  [Update: Season 2 premieres in the US at 9pm Wednesday, October 7th, on The CW.] Here’s a sneak peek.

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