Catching Up With Teen Wolf

Humblest apologies, y’all, for dragging my ass. I’m fairly caught up now on Teen Wolf, and OH, THE DRAMA. Where I wasn’t feeling the whole Allison/Scott thing right out of the gate, I’m feeling the Scott-as-a-weredouche even less. So, to recap where we are now, Allison and Scott were hot and heavy and happy and then Derek threw himself into the mix trying to track down the alpha. This put Derek on the radar for Auntie KillJoy, who went so far as to torture porn him a little bit until she realized he truly didn’t know who the alpha was either. She came close to killing him but he managed to flee.

Next up, Scott and Stiles found themselves barricaded inside the school fighting the alpha as Allison, Lydia, and Jackson happened along and the whole shebang ended up with Derek MIA, presumed dead, and Allison and Scott on the outs. In the aftermath, as Scott rounded the bend for full moon two (electric boogaloo), he happily accepted the advances of Lydia despite explicit instructions from Stiles to gauge her interest in him, not Scott. Stiles bugs out about it but chains Scott up to keep him safe anyway, and then Scott breaks free and trips off into the woods where Derek finally smacks some sense into him and Scott admits he’s not game for the werelife. There’s an added complication because Scott named Derek as the attacker in the school (when he though Derek was dead), so now the law’s after him. Derek and Scott reach a sort of détente and Derek tells Scott that if he helps him find the alpha, he’ll kill him, so they’re teamed up in that pursuit.

Post-breakup, Allison strikes up a friendship with Jackson, who’s tripping on a confrontation with Derek that left him scratched and delusional. He starts piecing things together when wolf Scott attacks his car, leaving behind a nail that perfectly fits the lacrosse glove Scott shredded in episode two. And because he’s stupid like that, Jackson decides to taunt Scott with what he knows, going so far as to innuendo that he’ll be bedding Allison any day now (which seems extraordinarily dumb when Scott could eat him). He also throws it out there that he wants to be wolfed out like Scott. Scott tries to talk him down from the crazy, even outing the Argents as hunters in the process, but weirdo Jackson finds that a turn-on, too.

We left Monday night on a big gnarly cliffhanger as Uncle Hale was revealed to be the alpha. He’s also the one (via a complicit nurse) who lured Allison to the school the night of his attack, and he commences a beatdown/exposition on Derek while Stiles freaks out nearby. And that’s the set up with three episodes left. Good news, though – they’re renewed for a second season already!

I’m still digging the show and I still LOVE Stiles. He has these little gem moments of comedy gold amidst all the angst, even pimping out a shirtless Derek to a gay teammate hacker so he’ll track a text message ISP address. Selling the joke even better was that Derek played along with it, taking his time changing shirts.

I’m intrigued that we started with Auntie Argent as a bit of a badass and now we know she’s actually pretty close to unhinged – she set the Hale fire and she’s chomping at the bit to bring Allison into the fold while her brother is more wait-and-see about his daughter joining the family business. We also found out that Allison’s mom isn’t as docile as she seems.

I’m not sure of the angle being played with Jackson – he started out as a cocky jock and then predator against Scott and then Allison, and now he’s turned this corner toward seeking wereolfdom as a performance enhancer. If you go back and watch the whole season, I think it’ll look like they weren’t sure how to write Jackson and it puts Colton Haynes in an odd quandary of how to play him, but kudos to him for trying. Same thing to an extent with Scott—he’s been a nice guy trying to do the right thing and then the closer he got to the second full moon, he was a jackass, and now he’s back to himself but they’ve not really ironed out how he and Stiles got past the Lydia thing.

Allison’s breakup was a bit quick to the jump, too. I get that it’s for dramatic effect, and she had grounds because she knew he was hiding something, but she’s left Scott in the dark about their split. Now he’s got her necklace – stolen from her bedroom – because Derek asked him to fetch it since it’s linked to the fire (Auntie was wearing it when the fire was set). All in all, I’m so glad I started watching this show. It’s been a fun ride, and I have to give them props for finding the balance of creepy and funny. There was an extended teaser after the episode Monday that makes the last three episodes look like a mad dash to the finish. Looking forward to it!

You can catch it and the first nine episodes on in the US, and the past few episodes at in Canada.

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