Brief Thoughts on The Firm’s Debut

This past weekend, The Firm made its debut, and I can’t say I was overly impressed. Here are a few of my “brief” thoughts on the series premiere:

-The pilot shouldn’t have been two hours long. It was way too clunky, bogged down with too much unnecessary info, and it felt fragmented.

-I really didn’t like the two storylines going on at once because they didn’t fit together in a way that worked. There really needs to be a balance between the overarching plot and the case of the week. It can be done, they just didn’t accomplish it in this pilot.

-Don’t people in “witness protection” change their names? Isn’t that part of the whole deal? Why on earth are the McDeeres going by their real names if these super dangerous people are after them? This is too big of detail to overlook.

-I did like the cast, and thought the chemistry between Juliette Lewis and Callum Keith Rennie was a lot of fun.

Based on the pilot alone, I don’t think The Firm merits a spot on my permanent viewing schedule. It might be one that I watch via the on demand while doing weekend chores, but I don’t think this is appointment viewing by any means.

What were your thoughts on The Firm? Anyone actually looking forward to more episodes?

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One thought on “Brief Thoughts on The Firm’s Debut

  1. My DVR called it two episodes — Pilot and Chapter Two.

    My mind gets bendy at Callum and Molly looking downright domestic together in that image. ;D

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