Bree Williamson Talks Haven

On tomorrow’s episode of Haven, Bree Williamson (you might know her from Gossip Girl or One Life to Live) joins the cast as resident Haven psychiatrist Dr. Claire Callahan. She recently spoke with reporters about her role – and Claire’s developing friendship with Audrey.

On the role her character Dr. Claire Callahan will play on the show:

“My main role on this show is mainly to be a sounding board for Audrey and to kind of help Audrey deal with her role in helping the Troubled and also help her kind of navigate through all of this new information that she’s got. Because as we saw on the premiere episode, you know, she was trapped in that house with that guy asking her who the Colorado Kid is and where he is and everything. So she’s struggling with who she is and what’s going in her life. So I’m going to be both – you know, as Audrey and I deal with each case that comes up through each episode of Troubled people I’m also going to be dealing with her personal life.”

And a little more on Claire’s relationship with Audrey:

“Dr. Callahan is extremely open. She thinks Audrey is great . . . She knew who Audrey was and she knows exactly what she does and she’s there to help her and is not skeptical at all, understands the troubles, understands Audrey’s role. But [she] also understands that Audrey needs another party to kind of, you know, bounce ideas from and to make sure that Audrey’s taken care of herself.”

What attracted her to the character:

“She was kind of ballsy and really smart and witty and quick and that’s really what jumped out at me. And she just said what she means to say without any filter or mainly regards to what the other person felt because it was the truth and it had to be said, which is always really, really fun to play that character. She’s really fun and it’s a little quirk in her which is really great.”

On how working on a science fiction show is different from her previous roles:

“I mean there was a lot of special effects. Even the story, you know, it’s scary and there was a lot of – I mean on the soap opera there was obviously some drama and some scary stuff that I played but this was a bit different.”

And why she thinks Haven resonates with fans:

“I think the way that they set up the casting and the characters is really great. You have Audrey who is the lead and the heroine of the show, is a really strong, relatable female character. Then you have Nathan who is almost one type of romantic hero, the kind of dark and brooding police officer. And then you have Duke who’s kind of like the rebel, funny guy. And I feel like that combination is really great. And then you add in Vince and Dave who play these brothers, it’s just really cool. . . . I love serialized drama, I think they’re great. But it also brings in a lot of character development.”

Make sure you catch Bree’s first appearance as Claire on tomorrow night’s episode of Haven, “Stay,” airing on Syfy at 10/9c. (Canada, you’re a week behind, so you’ll see this episode on Showcase next week!)

(Image courtesy of Syfy.)

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