Bomb Girls Kicks Off Season 2

Last winter, the World War II drama Bomb Girls turned into a hit for Global TV, netting a Leo for its star, Meg Tilly, in the process. Tonight, the second season returns to Global TV at 8 pm ET/PT (in Canada; the U.S. will get it on Reelz later this spring) and the ladies and gents don’t miss a beat getting back to business. It’s been almost a year since we left them, and when we did, several of them were in a pickle.

Lorna was pregnant by (and, I think, in love with) Marco, Kate had been fetched by her dad back to street ministering with Betty bruised in the process of trying to keep her, Vera was trying to fit in upstairs and packing in her dignity to do it, and James dropped a bomb (no pun intended) on Gladys with the news that he’d enlisted.

When we pick up tonight, we’re just a few weeks past the season one finale in the timeline. Without giving away any specific spoilers, here’s where we find everyone:

Lorna is weighing her options and whether or how to tell Bob she’s pregnant while Marco keeps pushing her to admit the truth of his role in it. He is also trying to find a balance in moving on with his life if Lorna really won’t have him.

Kate is still missing and Betty has decided to pack in her true nature and accept the advances of one of the men at the factory, Ivan, new series regular Michael Seater.

Gladys is nervous about a soon-to-be-deployed James, who’s in officer training and whose letters to her have been redacted beyond readability. She finds a friend and a new cause in a handsome Chinese-American officer who launches her into fundraising for the Red Cross, something that dovetails nicely, much to her chagrin, with her father’s business interests.

Vera is finally fed up being reminded at every turn about her scar, and she’s started to realize she’s lonely, so she dips a toe into socializing again.

We were fortunate enough to screen the first two episodes, and I’m happy to report that everybody hits the ground running again. It doesn’t feel like they took a year off and came back to work, which is awesome. I like this cast together, and they still have that magical “it” that makes the show immensely watchable. The new faces in the mix work, too.

The only wrinkle for me is a tangential storyline involving Kate that looks like it could set up a major arc for the season. I don’t think it’s necessary with everything else going on, so I hope it will be resolved quickly. If it’s not, it’s not a deal breaker.

Before tonight’s premiere, you can catch up with season one episodes online at Global, and during the premiere, series co-creators Adrienne Mitchell and Michael MacLennan will be live Tweeting on Twitter at @BombGirls.

Here’s a preview of tonight’s episode:

Photo courtesy of Global TV.

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