Blood and Oil: Hustle and Flow

Even if Kacey and I are the only ones watching this silly, dumb show, I’m going to keep recapping Blood and Oil, because, frankly, I am enjoying it in all of its cheesy glory. It fills the Sunday night Revenge void before I have to fire my brain back up for Monday.

Last week’s episode revealed that Hap and Carla are a fairly recent development, which made me go back to the second episode and try to do the math on exactly how young Lacey is since she bolted with Carla’s arrival. Not to mention, she’s now gallivanting around hot and cold with AJ, the hired hand who’s actually surreptitiously gathering soil samples to prove something.

But back to Hap. So he and Jules were apparently hot and heavy in secret for two years until he disappeared to New York for a month and came home with Carla, whom he had already met and married in that span of 30 days. VERY curious what that is all about — it would certainly give credence to Lacey’s cast off remark to Carla that their relationship is a merger.

He comes to see her again and apologizes for taking off on her. She has a chat with Cody where she refers to him (anonymously) as the one who got away, and that leads her to lose all reason and call him, It takes a minute and a half for them to fall back into bed as he tells her that he was never over her, yadda yadda, and yes, Carla is perfect but she is not Jules. She buys into all this because why? Also, she’s decidedly not yet parted ways with Wick, and can I get an EWWWWW on that? That’s one of those gross things that begs to be set up for a pregnancy/baby daddy reveal somewhere down the line. I vote no.

The LeFevers stew over lost deals, especially when Hap sets them up with a dry rig to teach them a lesson and flip a bigger deal back to himself and Wick, after flipping the earlier deal Billy cashed out of to Schlumberger for a mega profit, i.e. if Billy and Cody had waited for their money to increase, they could have had the house too.

Separately, Cody works her magic getting Kess and Ada up and running in a food truck instead of a restaurant after the available choices are deplorable. The truck is a share with the newly arrived Finn (Hart of Dixie’s Wilson Bethel) who screams BAD NEWS and immediately makes a play for Cody and then Ada. That’s a train wreck waiting to happen, I’m sure.

Wick’s partner unloads the oil truck on the reservation and then stupidly shows off with the profit, so he gets pinched by Trip and threatens Wick with exposure to save his own skin. Wick reminds him he changed the game when he upped the stakes from oil theft to murder.

And that’s all our little plot threads weaving together. I’m guessing Billy’s going to drop his aw, shucksdom now that Hap has made a lot of money off him, and he’s on Lundegren’s shit list. I’m not eager to see Finn be gross and flirty with two married women who are otherwise happily married. That seems unnecessary. Plus I never watched HoD so I’m not immediately familiar with whether Bethel is playing against type/it’s a fakeout and Finn will actually be a good guy.

Blood and Oil airs Sundays at 9 pm e/8 c on ABC in the U.S. and 9 pm e/p on CTV in Canada. Here’s a sneak peek of the next new episode, “The Birthday Party.”



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