Blindspot: Sent on Tour

I continue to enjoy the hell out of Blindspot, but I’m also still unable to completely trust that everything onscreen is the truth.

Looks like I’m not the only one — trust was an issue within the show, and the team, too, last week in “Sent on Tour.”

First up, Mayfair misrepresents things in a big way when her team takes off for the badlands on the basis of one of Jane’s tattoos and winds up face to face with Saul Guerrero (Lou Diamond Phillips), who is at the center of the case Patterson keeps bird-dogging Mayfair about. Patterson asks Weller for help, and Mayfair lies to him that Guerrero was a former CI who went dark and very, very bad.

After a straight up “get out of the woods alive” scenario where Jane’s tattoos are super helpful for following geo markers to get to a helicopter she can actually fly, they bring Guerrero in and Mayfair can’t interrogate him worth a damn because they’ve never met. Weller calls her on it and she finally admits the truth — she was never his handler. And then she finally unspools the truth about the big, bad conspiracy. He is NOT amused.

While the team is doing a Deliverance-themed episode of Survivor, Patterson makes a series of galactically stupid decisions when she gets caught up in the thrill of tattoo cracking with her civilian boyfriend, outside the office, and Mayfair catches up to them and hands her her ass. Surprisingly, despite sharing classified intel, she’s NOT fired — this is her ONE allowed f-ck up. Patterson is relieved, but she drops the boyfriend, telling him that she loves her job, and she can’t jeopardize that.

This is where my mistrust comes in. I completely think he’s sketchy and on somebody’s tab, and will rip his glasses off and be revealed as a lizard in service to somebody mwa ha ha-ish who is not on the side of good. I would love to be proven wrong. The other thing I’ve expected is that somebody will kill him if he isn’t covert — also would like to be wrong about that.

The only glimpse of a personal connection between Weller and Jane happens when he takes Zapata into the woods for reconnaissance and she’s upset to be left behind with Reade. Guerrero narrates that and threatens Weller, so she smacks him in the head with the end of her rifle, and then she saves Reade’s life, so details.

After Weller returns and she flies them out of there (with a badass Zapata standing on the edge of the chopper firing an automatic rifle), they have a sweet moment back on the jet — of which she is terrified. He places his hands over hers to calm her down and she admits flying the chopper was much easier because she was in control.

The only mention we get of tattoo boy from the sex dream is a flashback in the cold open of him planting a lockbox of supplies that come in handy when they stumble upon it after following Jane’s tattoo map.

So now we have Guerrero back in custody, and Weller looped on the super secrety secret CIA/Feeb thing that nobody’s supposed to know about.

Here’s a sneak peek of Monday’s new episode — with flashback hair for Mayfair! Blindspot airs Monday night at 10/9c on NBC in the U.S. and 9 pm e/p on CTV in Canada.


Photos and Video Courtesy of NBC

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