Blindspot: Evil Handmade Instrument

Well, we’re a week past the Blindspot fall finale and nobody is more surprised than I am that I was not a ragey mess when it ended. I’m actually OK with where they left us, which, make no mistake, is in a fine cliffhanger indeed, but I worry more about the potential cluster when we get back vs. the situation in which we were left hanging. Allow me to explain.

David is in fact dead, dead, dead (Jim) and Patterson is barely hanging on, but she barters with their team psychologist to stay in play for 24 hours to help them solve the case, and then she’ll go home. The case unfolds as a Russian sleeper cell story straight out of The Americans, as several embedded agents start to unravel because of what David set in motion by getting caught and killed.

The topics of love and family take center stage as the agent they capture breaks down because she somehow fell into an actual family with a husband and children, and now all of that is jeopardized. She leads them to the rogue agent who killed David, and the team descends on a docked military ship where she’s about to take out a high-ranking target. Weller and Jane tag team her and she ends up dead in the drink below.

Patterson comes to see for herself that she is really dead, and then she numbly goes back to work and has a heart-to-heart with Jane, beating herself up that she loved David but she was afraid and now that feels really stupid because he’s gone. She breaks down and Jane holds her while she cries. That’s enough of a trigger to send Jane to see Weller outside his apartment.

He’s startled to find her there, and when he asks where her security detail is, she admits she ditched them because she just wanted to see him and be alone with him, where they could just “be us.” She kisses him, and he’s surprised and happy and he kisses her back, and then his nephew opens the door behind them. They laugh and she tells him good night and heads off down the street.

She’s far enough down the block, and Weller has turned to go inside so he doesn’t see when the CIA goons snatch her off the street and pitch her into a van. Then she’s waterboarded by Carter. Just as she maybe starts to remember something, her mysterious tattooed former paramour bursts in and shoots him dead. Then he shows Jane a recording of herself, explaining to Jane that she can trust this man, and that she did this to herself. While that settles into her brain, Weller is calling her and leaving a message asking if she got home OK.

At the office, Patterson sits in front of her computer, lost. Mayfair comes in quietly and tells her she’ll take her home. Zapata gets a second prompt from Carter to play ball, and unaware that he’s now dead, she writes her resignation later to Mayfair.

And that’s how we leave them.

While I’m super grateful for the very sweet breakthrough with Jane and Weller, my brain goes straight to wondering if she’ll panic and back pedal like hell away from him once she hears whatever is on the rest of that recording. To which I say BOOO. I don’t know this show well enough yet to guess whether they’ll have Jane tell everyone, or at least Weller, everything right away about her self-reprogramming. I’d prefer that, but I don’t know whether to expect it.

Blindspot returns on February 29th. Happy hiatus! Here’s that scene for you, plus a teaser for the return (which isn’t wholly new footage). Enjoy!



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