Bellevue Preview: Episode 4

[Warning: General spoilers ahead.]

This week on Bellevue, Annie pulls back from Peter in the wake of the “fire in the eyes” warning she received, while the investigation into Jesse’s death moves into a new direction following the discovery of a drug stash.

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We’re introduced to Jed (19-2 and Helix‘s Neil Napier), the local dealer who perhaps knew Jesse better than anyone, and we go back and take another look at Sandy’s dad.

That means Annie has to look into her relationship with her own father, ignoring a few protocols in the process. She also finally accepts that there’s a degree of danger in what she’s doing and takes steps to safeguard herself at home.

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Eddie makes an error in judgment that blows back on Annie at home and work while Daisy continues to stay at his house.

Maggie turns out to have information that she didn’t realize was relevant, and that revelation sparks an emotional reaction in her and Annie.

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Peter says one thing and does another for reasons we don’t know yet. I hope he’s shifty for good and not ill. We have four episodes left after this one to get to the truth.

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Bellevue airs at 9pm Mondays on CBC. Here are a couple of sneak peeks of the next episode.


Photos and Videos Courtesy of CBC

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