Bellevue Preview: Episode 3

[Warning: General spoilers ahead.]

We’ve established that Annie is a hot mess, and this week she’s also in hot water now that her solo clue-following has yielded Jesse’s body. Points to Bellevue for moving quickly from missing teen to murder case.

bv 103-2

The news that it is now a murder sparks different reactions in everyone. Annie is driven to get to the bottom of it, and maybe even prove that this case is tied directly to the earlier case and her long ago pen pal relationship in the woods.

bv 103-4

Jesse’s coach, Tom Edmonds who was also a hockey phenom back in the day, is sad and angry and maybe a little guilty, but for what isn’t immediately clear.

bv 103-1

Welland behaves erratically, pissed off at Annie for being reckless, and maybe something else, as we get a better picture of the circumstances that took her Dad.  Brady is unusually sympathetic and Virginia goes back to her original lead to try to find out more about Jesse’s last days.

bv 103-3
Annie makes things difficult for Eddie when she needs him, and then doesn’t, while he’s doing his best to keep a safe distance and still be engaged with Daisy, who stirs her own trouble when she tries to help.

Bellevue airs Mondays at 9pm on CBC. Here’s a sneak peek of tomorrow’s new episode.


Photos and Video Courtesy of CBC

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