Bellevue Preview: Episode 5

[Warning: General spoilers ahead.]

In the real-time of the episodes, it seems like a long time coming, but this week on Bellevue we get to Jesse’s funeral, which opens up all kinds of wounds for Annie, Maggie, Neil Driver, and Jesse’s friends.

bv 105-6

Annie has changed course a bit with her riddler voyeur, looking to him for counsel as she tries to get a clearer picture of what he does and doesn’t actually know about Jesse’s murder, or its ties to Sandy’s.

bv 105-2

Peter leans on his informant a bit, and explains himself a little better to Annie, but there are still lingering issues between them about the danger she’s putting herself in.

bv 105-1

bv 105-5

Eddie creates a dangerous situation of his own when we find out that his pick-up work has had deadly consequences, and his employers are not done with taking out what they are owed.

bv 105-7

bv 105-4

Jed is still locked up, but agreeable to trying to help Annie find out who had his drugs, because he saw a side of Jesse that few did and he’s just as invested in finding the killer caught.

Bellevue airs Mondays at 9pm on CBC. Here are a couple of sneak peeks. If you missed an episode, they’re online at CBC.



Photos and Videos Courtesy of CBC

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