Arrow: The Brave and The Bold

Arrow mixed it up last week with a fun Flash crossover that had a really good time with the concept that Flash is the light to Arrow‘s dark, dark, dark.

The big bad of the episode was Digger Harkness – -and I seriously want the outtakes of he and Digger being called Diggler because they have to exist — an ex-A.R.G.U.S. Suicide Squad member who didn’t take too well to the company’s retirement plan. He descends on Starling City and starts blowing shit up left and right — and flinging lethal boomerangs.

Lyla gets caught in the crossfire (but lives) and Barry’s Flash skills come in handy when he picks up and drops off Caitlin, Cisco, Roy, and Felicity and separate bomb locations because they have to be disarmed in tandem.

Barry and Oliver also have an agree-to-disagree chat about right and wrong and tactics and come to the conclusion that neither one is wholly perfect but they do get the job done, and the assist that each provided the other was welcome, and helpful.

Their crews have the same conversation at Verdant, too.

Not much for Thea, Laurel, or Quentin to do, and we don’t see Palmer at all in the episode.

Over on The Flash part of the crossover, Oliver tells Barry to let Iris go because heroes don’t get the girl, and then he openly pines for Felicity a bit. At some point all this BFFs-who-really-want-to-be-together stuff is going to have to be resolved. Like I said last week, I don’t think we necessarily need that tangent, but we’re getting it anyway.

Most of both episodes were about the wow factor and reactions of the respective teams as they discovered each other, their gadgets, and heroes — Felicity gifts Barry’s team with facial recognition software with a cheery “Happy Hannukah,” Cisco modifies Oliver’s jacket (but not the hood), and Oliver and Felicity give Barry a mannequin of his very own for his suit in their lair. It was all very sweet.

On the plot level, Oliver twigged that something isn’t right about Harrison Wells.

We also got a proposal from Diggle to Lyla as she repeatedly called him out for only addressing her as “sweetie” when he wanted something (a favor, a gun, etc.) and he finally puts that to use to ask her to re-marry him. Really glad they did not kill her off, because Diggle would be terrifying.

Here’s a sneak peek of tonight’s new episode, “The Climb,” which is the fall finale. New episodes will resume on January 21st.



Video and Photo Courtesy of The CW

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