Anne with an E Season 3, Episode 4 Preview: The Painful Eagerness of Unfed Hope

There’s a new episode of Anne with an E on CBC this evening. Here is a preview of Season 2, Episode 4, “The Painful Eagerness of Unfed Hope.”

Anne with an E 204 Anne Shirley

“So much for romance.” – Anne

It’s a cool, crisp day in Avonlea, so it’s a perfect day for a tragical romance. Anne, Diana, Ruby and Jane. The girls are studying Tennyson’s “Lancelot and Elaine,” and Anne decides that they should re-enact it to truly get a feel for the poem. Of course, their fun is cut short by Mrs. Barry. Anne starts to wonder if romance is dead in Avonlea, especially in light of the entire town being conned, but Matthew assures her that all is not lost.

“Seeing the world. Trying new things. What could be better?” – Gilbert Blythe

Gilbert is savouring his time abroad where every day is a sweet adventure, but news from Avonlea has reached him, and Bash thinks it might be a good time to head back to Canada. Bash thinks that even if the tales of gold aren’t true, there’s Anne, although Gilbert denies that she’s no more than a friend to him.

“Childhood is over.” – Eliza Barry

The Barrys are in financial trouble, which is interfering with Eliza’s plans for her daughters. Diana and Minnie May will no longer be going to a French finishing school, but that doesn’t stop Eliza’s determination to turn her girls into proper women.

The idea of childhood ending extends beyond the Barry family. Avonlea has lost its innocence and Marilla is feeling overwhelming guilt for bringing the danger into town. A conversation with a friend helps Marilla start to put things into perspective, but it’s going to be a while before her conscience is clear.

“I think broken things have such a sad beauty.” – Anne Shirley

While Anne is kind to a new face in town, a peddler who shares stories of trouble in Europe, Marilla is very quick to send him away. Anne is showing signs of hope again while Marilla is more guarded and pessimistic. Surprisingly, there is one glimmer of hope for Marilla — she suggests that Matthew respond to the letters he’s received from his old flame. Unbeknownst to them, there’s been a bit of a Cyrano situation going on, and that Cyrano is a young, red-headed girl.

Each character faces challenges throughout this episode, but through confronting those obstacles, they learn more about themselves. They even begin to heal and reconnect with what matters the most: family, love, and embracing youthful hope once again.

We have the first scene right here for you, but be sure to watch the rest of Anne with an E‘s “The Painful Eagerness of Unfed Hope” tonight at 7/7:30NT on CBC.

Photos and Video Courtesy of CBC.

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