Anne with an E Season 2, Episode 2 Preview: Signs Are Small Measurable Things …

There’s a new episode of Anne with an E tonight on CBC, so it’s time for your preview of Season 2, Episode 2, “Signs Are Small Measurable Things, But Interpretations Are Illimitable.”

Anne with an E Season 2 Gilbert Bash

“I had no idea a place like this could exist.” – Gilbert

Far from the shores of Prince Edward Island, Gilbert arrives in Trinidad. It’s unlike anything he’s ever seen, and opens up a whole new world to him. With Bash showing him around, Gilbert discovers that he’s been living in a bubble — whether it’s in the food he eats, or in the racial inequality that exists at that time.

Anne With an E Season 2 Cole

“Your imagination is a gift, Anne” – Diana

Back in Avonlea, Anne is frustrated with Nate treating her like she’s just a dumb kid. On their walk to school following the harvest, Diana reminds Anne that her intuition and imagination are priceless. It was Anne’s out of the box thinking that saved Minnie May. Her overactive imagination has her thinking that something sinister is afoot in Avonlea, and she’s not wrong. While it’s a ghost story that has Anne spooked, it’s the very real, very alive boarders at Green Gables that are casting a dark shadow on the town.

We’re also introduced to Cole, one of Anne’s fellow students and a gifted artist. Much like Anne has been singled out in the past for her differences, so is Cole. Anne recognizes him as a kindred spirit and it’s not long before he has a new circle of friends.


“Try to remember what’s real and good, Anne.” – Marilla

Meanwhile, Anne’s influence on Marilla is starting to show despite Nate’s insincere attentions being the catalyst. Little things like changing her hairstyle or actually thinking about her appearance would’ve been unthinkable a year ago. Marilla remains the anchor to reality whenever Anne’s imagination gets the better of her, but it’s clear that the young girl is inside Marilla’s head.

Anne with an E‘s “Signs Are Small Measurable Things, But Interpretations Are Illimitable,” airs tonight at 7/7:30NT. Here’s a sneak peek of Gilbert in Trinidad.

Photos Courtesy of Netflix and CBC. Video Courtesy of CBC.

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