Anne with an E Season 2, Episode 1 Preview: Youth is the Season of Hope

Anne with an E is back tonight on CBC, which means our episodic previews have returned to The Televixen!

Here is a taste of what’s in store for Season 2, Episode 1 “Youth is the Season of Hope.”

“Perspective is wonderful.” – Anne

Anne Season 2 Episode 1

In “Youth is the Season of Hope,” Anne has not lost her sense of whimsy and imagination, but she has changed. She finally has a real home at Green Gables, and a real family with the Cuthberts. She is learning from Matthew and Marilla, and in turn,  Anne is helping them reconnect with their youthful sides.

Things in Avonlea may appear to be idyllic, but just under the surface is a looming threat in the form of two men we first met at the end of Season 1. And the danger is not just at Green Gables’ doorstep — it’s passed the threshold and lulled the Cuthberts into a false sense of security.

It’s not long before Anne’s stability is rocked when a certain phrase conjures up unpleasant memories from her past. There is a silver lining, though. We see the beginning of Anne’s love for books and reading, and how she is going to share that gift with a friend at Green Gables.

“Sometimes, the music in my soul just needs to come out.” – Gilbert

Anne Season 2 Gilbert Blythe

While Anne is firmly planted in Avonlea, Gilbert is on an adventure far from home. He’s learning about the world outside of his island home, and making new friends along the way.

Anne Season 2 Friends

“Oh Anne. However do you think of such amazing things all the time.” – Diana

It’s nice to see Anne have a circle of friends, especially Diana and Ruby. A friendship with Jerry is also blossoming. She is no longer the outsider looking in. It may have taken some acts of heroism, but Anne is truly a part of this town and this world.

The Season 2 premiere of Anne with an E, “Youth is the Season of Hope,” airs tonight at 7/7:30NT. You can read our exclusive interview with Amybeth McNulty here, then watch this preview.

Photos Courtesy of Netflix and CBC. Video Courtesy of CBC.

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