Anne Episode 6 Preview: Remorse is the Poison of Life

In Episode 6 of Anne, a political event has most of the adults out of town, and a desperate Diana lands on Green Gables’ doorstep for help. Here’s the first scene from “Remorse is the Poison of Life.” [Warning: minor spoilers ahead]


Anne’s had a lot of experience tending to sick children, and puts her knowledge to use with Diana’s little sister, Minnie May. This could be a bit of an issue because Diana was forbidden from having anything to do with Anne. Will this be what changes Mrs. Barry’s mind about her older daughter’s bosom friend? The outlook is good for Minnie May; it’s also good for Diana and Anne’s friendship.

Anne Lucas Jade Zumann Geraldine James

John Blythe, Gilbert’s dad, is not improving, and leads to a great father/son moment. This also provides a lens for us to see a younger John and Marilla.

Anne Amybeth McNulty

Anne is struggling with her feelings toward Gilbert, and forms a powerful yet unexpected bond with Diana’s Aunt Josephine. She learns that she doesn’t have to be a wife unless she chooses that path. She still has a lot of living and learning to do, but knows she has options.

Anne Amybeth McNulty

Whether subtle or overt, love, loss, sexuality, politics, and living life with no regrets are at the heart of Episode 6.

“Remorse is the Poison of Life” airs tonight at 8pm (8:30pm NT) on CBC.

Photos and Video Courtesy of CBC

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